Miss These 15 Keys to Success And You Miss Everything

You want to be a success… but if you don’t know and apply these 15 keys to success you’ll miss it without a doubt. That’s what Kent has learned in his 30 years in business, and he discovered each of them the hard way. In this episode, he generously shares the 15 keys to success he’s learned so that you have the opportunity to succeed much sooner than he did. That’s not an exaggeration… if you learn and apply these principles, success will come to you sooner rather than later. This episode is not a one-time listen. You’ll want to save this audio and listen to it over and over – because it’s true. If you miss these 15 keys to success you will miss everything.

Key to Success #1: Action is required Click To Tweet

This particular key to success sounds so obvious that you may be tempted to let your mind wander, thinking you already know it. After all, everybody knows that you have to take action to see things happen. But don’t take this too lightly… don’t think you know everything you need to know about taking action. Listen to the full explanation Kent describes on this episode. The power of action, implemented time after time, are like the bricks that build a palace of success in life and business. Find out how to become an action taker and the amazing things that result from taking everything you learn seriously. It’s the first of 15 keys to success Kent shares on this episode. Be sure you listen to hear all of them.

Key to Success #3: Fail as often and as fast as you can Click To Tweet

It sounds ridiculous to say that you should fail, but it’s entirely true. Failure is how we learn. Take a small child for example. As she learns to walk, her brain and body are learning what movements contribute to good balance and what movements prevent it. It’s the falling and getting up again – the failures – that bring about the learning and development of skill. That sounds obvious, but we don’t realize that from childhood we’ve been taught the exact opposite – that we should be afraid of and avoid failure. Kent has learned that failure is a friend and the people who embrace it and seek to find the lessons it has to teach them are the ones who succeed. Do you fear failure? Does that fear hold you back from success? Listen as Kent describes the path toward embracing failure, on this episode.

Key to Success #7: No matter the obstacles, you have to do whatever it takes Click To Tweet

Success doesn’t come easy for anyone. Though there are certainly people who are more naturally talented than others, even those ultra-talented individuals have to overcome their own set of obstacles. The mindset that says, “Nothing will stop me, no matter how painful or difficult it is…” is the mindset that will succeed. What are the obstacles you face? What commonly derails you from pressing through the difficulties until you overcome them and reach the success you really want? If you don’t learn to press through to get past the obstacles, you’ll never succeed. That’s key to success #7 – there are 14 more Kent shares on this episode.

Key to Success #14: Stop listening to broke, unsuccessful people Click To Tweet

It’s funny how the people around you will allow you to waste your life, to fritter it away on unimportant, unhelpful things. But the minute you begin setting goals and talking in more positive terms, they suddenly become critics, telling you why your plans can’t succeed or why the path you’re on is the wrong one. Why do we let those people deter us from the things we’ve set out to do? Maybe it’s because we haven’t stopped to realize a very simple thing: those people don’t have what you are shooting for because they gave up. Someplace in their past, they quit dreaming and settled for less. Why listen to people like that? They don’t have anything you want, so there’s very little they have to say that’s of value to you. This episode is a treasure. Keep it handy and listen to it often to remind yourself of these 15 keys to success so you can apply them consistently.



Outline of this great episode

  • How Kent learned the 15 keys to success he shares on this episode
  • Key #1: Action is required. Don’t be an over-educated fool
  • Key #2: You have learn how to recognize opportunity among the distractions
  • Key #3: Give yourself permission to fail… as often as you can
  • Key #4: Embrace the struggle. Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Key #5: Picture your success before it happens
  • Key #6: Fear regret more than you fear failure
  • Key #7: Do whatever it takes
  • Key #8: Be willing to outwork everyone
  • Key #9: Find and focus on your passion and outsource everything else
  • Key #10: Systems, systems, systems remove you from the minutia
  • Key #11: Get passionate about and master marketing, it’s the lifeblood of your business
  • Key #12: Mentors and masterminds maximize your ability to succeed
  • Key #13: Surround yourself with success and successful people
  • Key #14: Stop listening to broke, unsuccessful people
  • Key #15: Burn the boats: Never look back because the only option is to move ahead

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About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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