Scars Matter – 35 Years As An Entrepreneur – Valuable Lessons From My Father

Many of you have heard Kent mention his dad and the influence he’s had in Kent’s life. But you’ve not had the opportunity, until now, to hear the story of how Kent, Sr. build his real estate investment company from the ground up. With only a high school education, Kent, Sr. knew how to work hard and how to rise in the ranks of the companies he worked for. But something inside him was not satisfied, not content with working for someone else. His ability to overcome fear and his willingness to learn are among the qualities that enabled him to push forward in spite of his own limitations. Those are the same qualities you can develop in yourself if you really want to. You can hear the story from his own lips, on this episode.


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One of the things that set Kent Clothier, Sr. apart from others in the real estate investing industry is that he’s never satisfied with being average or normal. He believes that great accomplishments flow out of a belief that he can achieve them and that he SHOULD. On this episode of The Time Is Now, you’re going to get a peek into the life and growth of a man who has built one of the most successful real estate investing companies in the nation and how he did so at a time when it seemed everything was leveraged against his success. The story of Kent Clothier, Sr. is inspiring, so be sure you listen to his success story.


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On this episode, Kent Clothier, Sr. is asked to share the number one piece of advice he’s received during his career as the founder and CEO of one of the nation’s most successful real estate investing companies. His answer was clear and to the point: Never give up. Never let yourself believe that you can’t do something. You have to believe that if it can be done, you can do it. If you are not able to make that step forward in your thinking, everything WILL be against you because you are setting yourself up for it to be so. Find out how you can move toward success in everything you do, on this episode.


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As you are building your own real estate investment company you need to be careful when it comes to building a team. Kent Clothier, Sr. says that he knew from the outset that he wasn’t the smartest person in the world. But that didn’t discourage him. Instead, it motivated him to find the best people he could to surround himself with – to add to his team so that together they could move mountains. Find out what it means to “hire up” and how you go about avoiding the mistake of hiring people who will hold your company back, on this episode.


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Real estate investors have to be self-starters, people who see what needs to be done and are able to move themselves to action. But having that kind of freedom can be a curse if you don’t have the discernment and discipline to keep yourself away from the time wasters that lead nowhere. On this episode of The Time Is Now, Kent Clothier, Sr. reveals some of the biggest ways investors waste their time and points out what they should be doing instead to lead to success and a healthier business. Be sure you take the time to listen.


Outline of this great episode


  • Kent’s introduction to his Dad, Kent Clothier, Sr – and why he’s on the show.
  • What is Memphis Invest and what do they do?
  • The business history of Kent, Sr.
  • What it took to walk away from a successful business to start an entrepreneurial life.
  • The failures that Kent, Sr. saw as opportunities.
  • How Kent, Sr. starts his day.
  • The best piece of advice Kent, Sr. can give you.
  • The things to avoid on the road to success.

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About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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