The BIGGEST Real Estate Seminar of 2018: Grant Cardone, Justin Colby, Garrett Gunderson, Chris Clothier, and More

Find & Flip Real Estate Summit


If you are looking for a real estate seminar to attend in 2018 you are about to hear the best reasons you should attend the Find and Flip Summit 2018. This episode highlights four of the speakers who will be presenting at the event: Justin Colby, Chris Clothier, Garrett Gunderson, and the one and only Grant Cardone. These guys have a massive amount of experience between them and are coming to the event to help you take the kind of action that will change your life. This is no fluffy event. You will leave with motivation, inspiration, and best of all, a practical plan for how to move forward and maximize on the opportunities currently available in the real estate markets around the country. Listen to this episode to hear what each of these amazing speakers is going to bring to the event.

Justin Colby will bring the heat, teaching about Wholetailing, the cousin of wholesaling and rehabbing. Click To Tweet

If you have never heard about the idea of “wholetailing,” that’s because it’s a phrase that Justin Colby has created to describe the process he uses to turn normal wholesale deals into three to five times the normal profit. At the Find and Flip Summit 2018, Justin is going to unpack the entire system and explain to you how you can make a profit from deals that were previously unprofitable by connecting with real estate agents and the people they work with. It may sound like a promise that’s too good to be true but Justin will make it clear how the system works and why it works – so that you can put it to work in your business immediately. Don’t miss this episode, and most of all don’t miss this event.

Why the time is now and what you can do to aim for the fences - Learn what you need to know from Chris Clothier at this year’s event. Click To Tweet

One of the things every real estate investor needs in order to be successful is a strong and determined mindset that will not be deterred by the obstacles that get in the way. Chris Clothier is one of the guys who has learned how to set and achieve massive goals. Chris will be speaking at the Find and Flip Summit 2018 with a view to teaching you what it takes to create that kind of mindset and benefit from the success it brings. You won’t want to miss this episode or the things that Chris has to share at The Summit.

Hard work with the wrong financial philosophy leads to devastation, bankruptcy, reduced cash flow, and more. Garrett Gunderson will teach you how to build the right philosophy. Click To Tweet

2017 brought some amazing changes to the tax structures in the United States, and if you don’t understand them and know how to modify your approach to your tax liability, you’re going to overpay your taxes by 20 to 35%. Garrett Gunderson will explain the tax changes and show you how to modify your business structures to make the most of them. He will also teach about financing, how to structure loans in ways that are advantageous for your business and bring you the highest amount of profit. These are vital things to know in 2018 and at the Find and Flip Summit, Garrett is going to teach you every bit of it.

Grant Cardone will teach you how you can leverage your successes into a greater amount of drive and avoid settling for mediocrity. Click To Tweet

Everyone who is even remotely interested in real estate investing knows the name Grant Cardone. He is one of the guys who not only talks big but also plays big and gets big results. Grant is one of the main speakers at the Find and Flip Summit 2018 and he is going to teach us how to leverage success into greater success and avoid the temptation to settle into mediocrity. If you have never heard Grant speak, you can be guaranteed one thing: you will never forget the experience. Find out how to sign up for the Find and Flip Summit 2018, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode

  • Justin Colby – Real Estate Investor and 2018 Speaker
    • Wholetailing: The cousin of wholesaling and rehabbing
    • Making 2X to 5X your normal wholesale fee, with less risk
    • How to reevaluate possible deals from the past to make them work
  • Chris Clothier – RE Investor, Coach, Speaker at this year’s summit
    • Learning from life’s challenges, attacking big goals, hiring the right coach
    • Why Chris’ message is important right now in 2018
    • Why playing small doesn’t get you where you want to go
    • How coming to the event will cut the learning curve and compress your time table
  • Garrett Gunderson – Investor, expert in the industry, and action-taker
    • How to structure taxes and loans – succinct frameworks to apply immediately
    • Maximizing the opportunity available now
    • Avoid overpaying taxes by 20 to 35%
  • Grant Cardone – Perhaps the biggest name in real estate investing
    • Why making $150K per year is a problem for you
    • Learning how to get rid of the right things to increase everything else
    • How to get the right people around you to make everything work
    • The reason the drive for success comes from the wins

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Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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