Why You Must Burn The Boats To Attain Extraordinary Success

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “burn the boats.” Do you know where it comes from? It’s a reference to the historical story of Hernando Cortez and his fellow explorers when they landed in the New World. Cortez didn’t want his men to have any thoughts of returning home, so he burned the boats once they landed. They may have been angry, but they were also motivated. On this episode of The Time Is Now, Kent unpacks what it means to take on that same mentality about your own success and the things it will take to get you there. He talks with his friend Los Silvas, a man who is a great example of what it looks like to actually burn your boats and then challenges you to take your own steps to make no provision for failure. You’ll enjoy this one.

Los Silva, an example of a guy who burns the boats every day.

Los Silva is a guy who plays a big game. The primary motivation behind his incredible work ethic is his family and the things he wants to provide for them – in terms of provision and in terms of his own time. On this episode, he tells Kent how he leverages those motivations to increase his productivity and change his thinking, which results in incredible business success on a consistent basis. You can learn a lot by hanging around a guy like Los, and he and Kent tell you about how you can do that consistently through their podcast – Freedom Strategies – on this episode.

The power of going for “good” rather than “perfect” day after day.

Too many people hesitate to get started in any kind of venture that has the potential to make their life better simply because they don’t want to release something or do something that isn’t completely refined. But that’s a mindset that keeps you from doing the very things that lead to success. You’ve got to be OK with producing what is “good” instead of waiting for it to become “perfect.” It’s the process of producing and refining the good things you do as you go that enables you to get closer and closer to perfect over time. And you’re growing, building, and profiting all along the way. Find out more about why Kent Clothier would much rather accomplish something good every day than to wait around to hit “perfect” in this episode.

When you burn the boats you won’t believe how BIG your game gets.

If you don’t allow yourself the option of retreat it’s amazing how much motivation you can find to press forward – and the things you will accomplish as a result. Kent Clothier is not satisfied with anything less than massive success and he works hard to give himself no other option every day of his life. On this episode, Kent unpacks the story of Cortez and his burning of the ships to show how you can craft the same kind of massive motivation for yourself and your team, so be sure you listen.

When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the game changes.

Think about the old story of Cortez. When he reached his destination he burned his ships, signifying to his men that there was no option but to press forward. And press forward they did, with amazing effectiveness. The drive to succeed has to have tremendous motivation behind it and a great commitment beyond anything else. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, your ability to produce great results is increased incredibly. Find out how Kent makes this principle work in his own life, on this episode of The Time Is Now.


Outline of this great episode

  • Kent’s introduction of his friend, Los Silva and the ideas behind Freedom Strategies.
  • What problems that happen when you start believing your own bullshit.
  • The power of going after “good” instead of “perfect.”
  • The concept of “burning the boats” to create greater motivation.
  • The inevitable trap of only being half-committed.

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Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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