An Interview with Eddie Speed – The Power of Cash Flow Notes


The Time Is Now Podcast interview with Eddie Speed - The Power of Cash Flow Notes

It’s pretty common on The Time Is Now for Kent to highlight real estate investors who focus on wholesaling or fix and flips. But Eddie Speed has a different approach – he has spent the last 38 years buying and selling cash flow notes. Kent felt it was high time he brought this unique approach to real estate investing to you. On this episode you’ll find out what cash flow note investing is, how it works, why Eddie is convinced it’s one of the best models, and how wealth building takes on a new meaning through cash flow notes.

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One of the things Eddie Speed says is crazy about his story is that he has long struggled with dyslexia – yet he’s in a business that has to do with understanding black print on white paper. How does that make sense? Yet, it’s his acceptance of his limitations and the ability to surround himself with people who make up for them that makes all the difference for him. You’ll enjoy what Eddie has to share on this episode, so be sure you don’t miss this great conversation.

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Too many people are chasing the money. It results in people doing deals that wind up going south, working with people who wind up wasting their time, and creating more heat than light. Eddie Speed believes one of the most important parts of building a successful business is to filter your prospects through an ideal client persona. You’ll hear how Eddie has found this to be vitally important to doing the best deals in the least amount of time, on this episode.

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One of the strategies Eddie Speed teaches has to do with setting up effective seller financing scenarios. There are often properties or situations where traditional financing not only doesn’t fit, it simply can’t happen. But the people who are saddled with that property still need to sell it. What can be done? Seller financing. It’s when the seller becomes the bank – enabling the purchaser to truly own the property and the seller brings in consistent income as the note holder. It’s an amazing scenario that sets the seller up for even more options down the road. Find out how the note side of real estate works, on this episode.

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Eddie Speed is sold on the cash flow note strategy in real estate investing. He has discovered how to buy and sell mortgage notes to set up recurring income with very little work involved on an ongoing basis. In his mind, owning a portfolio of these notes is what sets him up to have true wealth. You can discover how Eddie makes it happen and learn about the event he’s putting on in Dallas, TX to help everyone from seasoned investors to newbies get into the cash flow note business.


Outline of this great episode

  • How Kent and Eddie came to know each other
  • How the cash flow notes side of real estate works
  • Dive into the details of what Eddie does with cash flow notes
  • The upcoming Note Expo event
  • The sexiest thing about cash flow notes


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