An Interview with Jesse Itzler

We all know what it’s like to feel lazy, to not WANT to do something we know we should do. And we’ve all seen people who defy that laziness and do hard things, important things, powerful things with their lives. What makes the difference between those who don’t and those who do? Jesse Itzler says it’s different for everyone but he’s discovered that keeping his finger on the pulse of the brevity of life is what makes it come alive for him. He knows he’s only got a certain number of days on this planet, and for the sake of making his life count, he wants to push himself to do hard stuff. He believes it will benefit him, his family, and the world. You can hear Kent’s conversation with Jesse on this episode of The Time Is Now.

How Jesse Itzler met the SEAL who changed his life. Click To Tweet

Jesse couldn’t believe what he was seeing the first time he met his SEAL friend. The guy was doing some amazing things, physically speaking. Jesse realized right away that this guy had things going on in his own mind that enabled him to carry out the painful things he was doing – and that there was something extremely valuable in that. So Jesse met the guy and invited him to come live with him and his family so that he could learn from him. Jesse’s that kind of person – he wants to become all he can because he knows the time is now. You can hear Jesse’s story and find out what fuels his “go get ‘em” mindset, on this episode.

You need to have passion for your journey, not just passion about what you do. Click To Tweet

We hear a lot about passion these days and there are aspects of it that are very important. Jesse Itzler says that an overriding sense of passion about your life and the journey you are on is much more important than a specific passion for some “thing” you do or want to accomplish. Find out how Jesse fuels his own passion for the journey and the difference it makes in his life, on this great episode of The Time Is Now.

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If you knew that you’d be dying tomorrow, what difference would it make in the things you do today? It’s a hypothetical that is valuable to get you thinking. But Jesse Itzler takes it a step further. On this episode, you can hear how Jesse and I often do the math to figure out how many waking hours we have left on the planet and what difference it makes to us to know that number. It’s a powerful way of getting yourself off your butt so you can get started doing things that will matter over the long haul.

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None of us take pleasure in the hard things of life. But it’s the hard things that make us stronger, that make us able to endure and press through the obstacles and challenges in order to achieve great things. Jesse Itzler says it’s that kind of long view that enables us to make the most of every minute and do the things every, single one of us really want to do in life. Find out how Jesse’s book and his Facebook group can help you accomplish those types of things, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode


  • Kent’s introduction to Jesse Itzler.
  • How Jesse’s book impacted Kent personally and why you should grab it.
  • Jesse’s story about meeting his SEAL friend and inviting him to live in his home.
  • Why you need to have passion for the journey, not just passion for what you’re doing.
  • How you can use your projected lifespan to motivate yourself to do all you can in this life.
  • Why Jesse pushes himself so hard.
  • Jesse’s advice for Kent’s brother Chris about the endurance race he’s about to attempt.
  • What Jesse is focused on these days.


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