An Interview With Sean Stephenson

We all face difficulties in life, but Sean Stephenson was born into difficulty. Doctors told his parents there was little chance he would survive because he was born with a rare bone disease, but his parents wouldn’t give up on him. And Sean has never given up on himself. This episode is packed full of inspiration from the one and only, Sean Stephenson. Sean is known across the world as the 3-foot giant, a powerful motivational speaker and psychotherapist who challenges your belief that you have limitations. His reasoning? If he can succeed, anyone can succeed. Hear Sean’s incredible story and be inspired, on this episode.


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The power of hearing Sean Stephenson speak in-person is indescribable. His presence on stage is overwhelming, simply because you hear powerful truths and motivation coming from a man who by all rights should not even be alive. But his will and purpose are what have driven him to overcome staggering obstacles to build a life and career that are amazing for anyone to achieve. Take the time to listen to this episode, you won’t regret it. And do yourself the favor of downloading Sean’s free book, “How To Stay Positive When Life Gets Crazy.”

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Most people get stuck in what they see to be reality, stuck trying to navigate what appears to be the limitations surrounding their life. But Sean Stephenson says that when you learn to ask, “What’s possible?” and open your eyes to see what could be, your life will take on a whole new dimension. Sean’s a guy who lives what he believes, empowering and helping people worldwide from the perch of his wheelchair – and he’s not slowing down. You can hear Sean’s penetrating advice for those who struggle with insecurity and self-doubt, on this episode of The Time Is Now.

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Sean Stephenson has come to realize that all of us have to deal with pain. It’s a given of living as a human being. But you get to choose exactly what pain it’s going to be. You can let the definitions of others or the experiences of your life tell you how valuable you are – and you’ll live with the pain of those jacked-up beliefs. Or you can believe that you were meant to make a positive difference in the world – and change the world as a result. Then you get to live with the pain of struggle to be and become all you were meant to be. You get to choose. This conversation is packed with mind-bending truths like that, so be sure you listen.

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That’s Sean Stephenson’s motto and his mission. He believes that insecurity flows out of a mixed-up belief of where personal value comes from and he’s out to help people discover their false beliefs, kill them, and excel in what they were meant to. This conversation is wide-ranging, with Kent asking a variety of questions and Sean giving responses that are truly inspirational. You won’t want to miss this challenging conversation.



Outline of this great episode


  • Why you need to know who Sean Stephenson is, and the inspiration he’s given Kent.
  • Kent’s first experience hearing Sean speak and how it changed his life.
  • A life continually driven by asking, “What’s possible?”
  • The things that happen in 12 hours, alone with Sean.
  • The value of knowing why you were born.
  • You need to choose the kind of pain you will live with.
  • The hard road to Sean’s speaking career as an example of perseverance.
  • The mindset that makes incredible success possible.
  • The cure to insecurity is self care.
  • How Tony Robbins came to write the foreword for Sean’s book.

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