An Interview with Rob Nunnery

Anyone who embarks on an entrepreneurial journey is going to experience failure. You can’t get around it and honestly, you don’t want to. Failure has a way of teaching you lessons you won’t learn any other way – and they are lessons that will set you up for success in the future. Kent’s guest on this episode is Rob Nunnery, a guy who has made it his mission in life to help people learn how to use failure to reach their goals. In this conversation, Rob shares how he struggled through multiple failed businesses and became successful in affiliate marketing, then left it all to do something extraordinary. This is a story you don’t want to miss.

9 business failures led Rob to a place of personal desperation. Click To Tweet

Rob Nunnery is not the kind of guy who gives up easily. His history as an entrepreneur shows you that. He’s been jobless, homeless, moneyless, and had to sleep on his buddy’s couch three different times during his 20s. He has tried and failed at 9 different businesses, and it was that journey that led him to a point of personal desperation. He had to face the difficulties he was experiencing and make a decision. Would he allow the failures to define him or would he rise above it and let the failures become his teachers? It’s pretty clear what path he chose, but you’ll want to listen to this chat to hear how he got there. It’s all on this episode of The Time Is Now.

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Perhaps the most important thing every entrepreneur or real estate investor needs to learn is that failure only comes because you’re attempting to do something worthwhile. When you keep at it you’ll finally discover that people will reward you when you add value to their life in a meaningful way. That’s when the light bulb goes on for some people – but for others, they realize how much work it’s going to be and decide it’s not worth it. That’s the dividing line between true entrepreneurs and those who only wish to be one. You have to be motivated by much more than easy money. You’ve got to truly want to add value to people.

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We see it every day in a variety of contexts: 1+1=2. One step after another will take you across town. Processes are how the world works. But when it comes to business, for some reason people lose track of that reality. They don’t realize that consistent steps in the same direction will get you where you want to go – and you learn along the way through this thing we call failure. It’s nothing to be scared of because it actually helps us learn what doesn’t work so we can refine the steps we’re taking to get there. Listen to Rob Nunnery explain how he learned this principle and how it fuels his work with “Fail On” – his podcast focused on using failure to fuel success.

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As Kent says, “The world is an ocean of mediocrity,” and you’ve got to rise to the top if you’re going to be truly successful. But you’ve got to be exceptional to pull it off. That’s because only people who are exceptional will put in the work and endure the struggle required to rise to the top. And when failure comes (and it will) you have to refuse to let it define you in any way. Rob Nunnery explains why failure is actually our friend and what you can do to start moving forward on the lessons it teaches you, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode

  • Rob Nunnery, a new connection of Kent’s who has a story to tell about failure.
  • How Rob started out (9 failed businesses) and finally got on the path toward success.
  • The things that drive Rob today: his passionate causes.
  • People will reward you when you bring value to their live in a meaningful way.
  • It’s not typical for people to know that steps lead to outcomes.
  • Why Rob doesn’t believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur.
  • The huge difference between building a business and building a job.
  • Information that Rob is seeking out at this point in his life.
  • When you’re not chasing money you are able to maintain your values.
  • There’s an ocean of mediocrity out there and you have to rise to the top.


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