About Kent Clothier


Introduction to Kent Clothier

An Introduction

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

In his role, Kent leads the company’s dynamic sales organization, including hundreds of sales professionals nationwide, in delivering on the company’s strong commitment to excellent, personalized customer care.

REWW offers its customers a cutting-edge advantage, with a curriculum that is steeped in award winning, and proven, real estate systems that are used by Mr. Clothier and his team, as well as national data on real estate cash buyers and private lenders.

In addition to his primary role with REWW, Kent Clothier also owns and operates a multi-million dollar series of Internet marketed brands: 1-800-SELL-NOW, Find Cash Buyers NOW and Find Private Lenders NOW. Each brand focuses on helping real estate investors and agents to reach a specific marketing niche.


Before Real Estate Worldwide, there was Memphis Invest, a company operated by Kent’s two brothers and his father. Today, Memphis Invest is one of the largest real estate investment companies in the country, having bought, and sold, over 452 residential investment properties in 2012 alone.

Early Success

Kent Clothier achieved success early on by rising up the corporate ladder at one of the nation’s largest grocery distribution companies. By age 23, Mr. Clothier had taken over the organization’s day-to-day sales and operations, where he grew the company’s annual sales to over $80 million. Not long after that, the firm was sold to a national competitor.

Due to Mr. Clothier’s impressive track record, the new and larger organization retained his services. In 2006, they promoted him to Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, and within 3 years the company boasted $1.8 billion in annual sales, making it the 7th largest, privately held company in the state of Florida.

Seeking New Opportunity

Kent ClothierAfter reaching the height of success in grocery distribution, Kent Clothier sought new challenges. Although he had little real estate experience, he had owned a few rental properties for several years. That limited experience gave Kent Clothier a thirst for more, but his web search turned up a great deal of unintelligible, false and misleading information. Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of quality information available to help a real estate professional grow their business, he decided that the only way to distinguish between fact and fiction was to get involved. This marked the birth of his investing career.

Alongside his brothers and father, Kent Clothier launched his real estate career, literally, by learning on the job. The initial intent to buy and sell a few houses each month, as a way to make a “nice living”, quickly became a business that snowballed into a much larger real estate organization.

Today, the Clothier family runs one of the premiere real estate investment firms in the country and manages properties for hundreds of investors in the Memphis and Dallas markets.

Tremendous success was achieved; all because this family of entrepreneurs dared to dream big, take calculated risks and step out of their comfort zone.

A Proven Track Record in Real Estate

The Clothiers are founding members of the Mid-South REIA, and the Clothier family’s proven track record in real estate is staggering:

  • Purchased and sold (flipped or wholesaled) over 1,500 properties since 2005
  • Manages over 1,6000 properties under one of Tennessee’s largest property management companies
  • Owners of over 100 rental properties in Tennessee and Florida
  • Owners of several commercial buildings in Memphis, Tennessee

Today, in addition to working with Memphis Invest, Kent Clothier is the President and CEO of 1-800-SELL-NOW, one of the country’s most sought-after real estate branding companies.

Investors and Realtors alike now use this brand, and system, to attract only the most motivated direct home sellers by using Kent Clothier’s fine-tuned marketing strategies and techniques. Established in 2005, 1-800-SELL-NOW is used by real estate professionals in over 670 markets throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2009, Kent introduced the revolutionary new product, Find Cash Buyers NOW, which solved the long-standing problem of helping investors find buyers for their homes. Find Cash Buyers NOW grants investors access to hundreds of thousands of active cash buyers in each and every market in the United States.

Most recently, Kent solved yet another major challenge for real estate professionals: a way to find private lenders in their area and provide creative financing for their transactions. In 2010, he introduced Find Private Lenders NOW. Through this tool, Kent Clothier and his team gave investors access to hundreds of thousands of active private lenders in every single market in the United States.

As one of the country’s most highly sought-after speakers, Kent Clothier pours a great deal of his energy into helping “normal” people unlock their true potential in business and personal development.

When Mr. Clothier is now following his life’s passion of speaking at national real estate, entrepreneurial or personal development events, he can be found at his beach home in La Jolla, California with Seema, his loving wife of ten years and their two beautiful children, or away soaking up the sunshine of life on one of their frequent family vacations.