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Boardroom Mastermind events are immersive learning experiences that cover all aspects of the real estate business, such as: how to create an organizational chart, how to use winning direct mail formulas, how to syndicate large multi-family apartment complexes that will produce generational wealth, how to utilize the right software to scale, & how to build the right team so that you don’t have to babysit your company forever. Our goal is to get you to regularly close $20,000 to $100,000 deals, so you can break through the revenue ceiling and enjoy the life of a free entrepreneur.

If you’ve been trying to scale your business for a while now, there is an invisible obstacle standing in your way. In our experience, this obstacle is one of three things: traffic problem, lack of qualified leads, or conversion problem. And most entrepreneurs are good enough at one that it makes up for their lack in the other two. But why settle? This is why we provide a year of consulting to identify your weaknesses and create an action plan to overcome them.

The Boardroom community is a group of like-minded people and successful real estate entrepreneurs, but they are also incredibly high level. So to give our members the experience they deserve, we’ve made the community exclusive to only serious entrepreneurs. Even if you have the money there’s a chance that you might not be selected, since we have a very specific vetting process for our members.



Why is real estate coaching so vital for all investors who are serious about success?

Coaching is a must, not just a “nice to have” option. At least if you are getting in the game to win, not just have fun as a hobby. Here’s why and the benefits of quality real estate coaching that may change your mind if you haven’t tried it yet.


Can you name a single Olympic athlete or famous business leader that hasn’t had a coach or mentor? Extremely unlikely.

No matter how great they seem, they’ve all had great mentors and coaches. Typically more than one. It doesn’t matter what your IQ is, how much natural talent you have, or where you grew up and who your parents are. None of that will get you on an NFL team without some serious coaching. Top CEOs have plenty of coaching and advisors. As do hot shot younger tech entrepreneurs. Music artists who appear to be discovered overnight successes have coaches and help. Even Warren Buffett has had them, and Tony Robbins, who is a famous lifestyle coach himself.

You haven’t heard of all the others who may have been intelligent and talented, precisely because they didn’t invest in themselves and coaching.

It’s a must. Period.

Reaching Your Full Potential

It’s true that you can stumble your way into real estate investing without a coach. Maybe you’ll even flip a few houses or buy a few apartment buildings. You can probably do a lot more than that.

Coaching is where the magic leaps happen. Where you can go from 10 deals a year to 10 a month. Or from 100 deals to 200.

Coaching is the tool that can help you go from well paid, but crazy busy and stressed, to truly profitable, wealthy and have peace of mind and have time to enjoy life.

Your coach is the one who can often see how vast your potential is, even when you can’t. They’ll make you see that far more is possible.

Lasting Success

If you’re smart, talented, and have done a lot of DIY learning, with some luck you might get some great results off the bat. Maybe you’ll crush your five year goals in a year, and make more money than you thought possible. Many have. Only, without that next level insight from a great coach, it can all come crashing down just as fast.

The only thing worse than never making it to the top is losing it all because it was stitched together in a very unsustainable way. Often with fatal flaws you didn’t even see coming.

The best coaches will help you scale and ensure you are creating lasting success.


From actual investing to building and growing a business, real estate coaching brings a lot of added and essential efficiency.

It is very competitive out there today. There is still room for you to win and reach all your goals. Yet, that isn’t going to happen or last you are really operating hyper efficiently.

You need to be learning, growing and operating the most profitably you can. You’ve got to be fast and get the most out of your resources. That’s really virtually impossible if you are relying on taking the DIY trial and error approach to everything, while your competitors are getting top level advice.

They know what’s really working and not behind these scenes across the whole map. Use their experience and hindsight as your own.

Avoiding The Expensive Pitfalls

There are many common mistakes investors are bound to make on their own. There are many potential pitfalls you can fall in that can bankrupt you overnight. Even if you are big already. There are many threats you won’t expect. Most of all this can be avoided. What can’t be avoided can be prepared for. This is where some of the best value of coaching comes in.

Accountability & Progress

We may have big visions, knowledge and talent. Yet, even the best can be dragged down by going down the wrong rabbit holes and just getting too busy on the wrong things. A coach will keep you focused, accountable and making consistent progress on the right things.

Don’t have coaching yet? Try it and
see the difference it can make.

Want 1-on-1

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It’s not cheap… but if you’re ready to reach the absolute highest degrees of success

… and if want the best eyes in the business on your business there’s nothing comparable to coaching directly with Kent Clothier.

Kent is a truly genuine and authentic guy
Kent is a truly genuine and authentic guy that brings so much value to his community.  He's a business expert and someone that I'm proud to call a friend.

Ed Mylett

If I had a nickel
If I had a nickel for every time a high level real estate investor said: “We should ask Kent what he thinks..." (I’d be able to buy a 64 unit building with nickels!)

Dan Fleyshman

Kent has been instrumental in my ability
Kent has been instrumental in my ability to grow, scale, and increase profitability of my business for the past 11 years.

Justin Colby

10 years ago Kent sat me down and mentored me
10 years ago Kent sat me down and mentored me for 30 minutes and that one session radically changed the trajectory of my business life. I have personally made tens of millions of dollars from that single strategy session and my companies and brands have went on to make over $80 million collectively.I cannot stress...

Cody Sperber

Over the better half of the last decade
Over the better half of the last decade, I’ve worked side by side on a regular basis with Kent Clothier.It’s been my personal experience and observation that’s he’s a man of his word 100% of the time. Not just in business but in his personal life as well.Kent has been an amazing friend and mentor...

Ryan Stewman