“Five years from now…
You will be the same person you are today,
Except for 2 things…

The BOOKS you read and the PEOPLE you meet...”

-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

A few years ago, a friend of mine handed me a book.  And it changed my life.

I now intend to do the same for you…

I was at a point in my life where I had just come of some tremendous “highs” in life. A recent marriage to my high school sweetheart, a new son, a very successful business, a lifestyle that most would only dream of….I had it all.

And then on March 14, 2000 my world changed forever…

Within 24 months, I had lost everything. The family, the business, the houses, the cars, the sense of self-worth…it was all gone.

I was at a devastatingly low place.  Simply being depressed was a “good day” for me.

I would tell you that I was searching for answers, but the fact of the matter is that I wasn’t searching for anything. I was completely lost and filled with desperation.

I spent many nights crying, sobbing, and just feeling sorry for myself.

In that moment, a friend handed me a simple book with a powerful story that opened my eyes, shifted my perspective and gave me the rope I needed to put me back on a path that made me focus and move with intention.

I don’t believe you find books. I believe they find you (that’s the power of books).

And if you like book recommendations, then keep reading…

THIS book, wasn’t a religious text and it wasn’t a “self-help” book. It was a story with a powerful message perfect for me at the time.

Honestly, most self help books are garbage. They’re published by people who usually haven’t done anything exceptional besides write books.

Most don’t work because they it’s nearly impossible for a book to help someone get over their beliefs and personal inertia simply by sitting on the couch and reading a paperback book.

But I’ve recently finished 2 new books… and I’ve changed my mind.

I’m using them both right now as a guidebook, for both my personal life, and my business.

And I want you to do the same.

Anyone who reads them and follows their advice will become vastly more successful, professionally and personally.

So I put together this email today because I want you to read them and take advantage of the ideas, too.

Before I tell you more about them however, let me make one thing clear…

I’m not giving these books away. You have to buy them.

And I’m not paying for shipping or handling either, Amazon will take care of that.

I just want you to read them.

I think they will be as useful to you over the next few years as anything I give you.

Now about the second part of Charlie’s formula: PEOPLE

If it weren’t for the people I’ve met, bouncing back from the bottom, would have been near impossible. But I surrounded myself with the right people only good things could happen.  I mean it was certainly better than the alternative – right?

Fortunately THESE authors, James Altucher and Kamal Ravikant are two of the people I’m fortunate to know and can proudly say they’ve impacted my life.

Kamal Ravikant is an unlikely author. A Silicon Valley insider who a wild ride up and a terrifying spiral down as his own business imploded battled depression and thoughts of worthlessness.

He wrote his first book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” as a personal story to a friend until his friend convinced him to publish it.

What happened next became the story of rebirth as a best selling author with new fans and readers outside of Silicon Valley.

His next book, “Live Your Truth” was a response to his fans begging for more from him. And he didn’t just deliver… he OVER-delivered.

His book is about making a conscious commitment to figuring out what we stand for – finding our truth. It is a guide to this crucial journey of self-exploration and personal discovery.

Tim Ferris, New York Times best selling author: “When Kamal speaks, I listen.”

Inside “Live Your Truth” you’ll discover:

  • The real inner game of success (in entrepreneurship, creativity, raising your family, any pursuit…including real estate)
  • A secret way to approach life when everything in life appears to being going against you
  • The rarely-seen characteristics shared by highly successful entrepreneurs. (that you’d never know unless you were one)
  • How to make your time on this Earth really matter (even if you don’t know where to start)
  • The transformative power of living your full and true self to the world
  • How to realize the difference between “mere happiness” and real “fulfillment”
  • How to develop unbreakable confidence and overcome the fear of failure like it was a distant memory
  • A practical but inspirational guide on living the highest version, of the grandest vision of your best-self

If this sounds touchy-feely… then you’ve never heard it delivered by tech entrepreneur with ties to some of the wealthiest people and biggest game changers on the planet.

In fact, it was Kamal who introduced me to the next author, James Altucher and his book, “Choose Yourself

You may already know who James is from his other books, blog, podcast or countless appearances on CNBC…

But is James Altucher really worth paying attention to?  Read this then decide:

  • He studied computer science in college and got a job with HBO in their IT department. While there he started a web-design firm, for clients such as American Express, Time Warner, and Universal. The story about how he got his first big client, and the way he approached his work at HBO is worth the price of the book alone. If you follow James’ advice, you will be a superstar no matter where you work.
  • He left HBO and sold his design firm for $10 million.
  • But in two years he lost it all… everything. This forced him to reevaluate his life and his approach. He got a job writing about finance for the most popular hedge fund manager in America, Jim Cramer. Again, the way he landed this gig is pretty remarkable—it can help you get a job working with anyone you choose.
  • Over the next few years he put everything he had into studying finance and investing, just like I did back in the late 1990s, when I was launching my technology newsletter.But instead of launching a publishing business, Altucher managed money for various hedge funds, including Victor Neiderhoffer.  Neiderhoffer is one of the most famous traders in the world, and Altucher returned more than 100% for Neiderhoffer in just one year.How did an unknown guy like Altucher get Neiderhoffer as a client?  Once again—he used a clever strategy you can copy, to hook up with the most successful people in your field.

His book, “Choose Yourself” is literally ground-breaking and one of the most engaging reads you’ll find.

For instance, you’ll learn…

  • A daily routine used by one of the richest and most successful producers in Hollywood (I’m sure you’ve seen some of this guy’s movies). This creative routine allows this director to work just a few hours each day, and accomplish more than almost anyone else in the business. (p. 140)
  • What to do if you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, but can’t quit. This isn’t just a theory, but a list of steps you can take to dramatically improve your situation. (p. 56)
  • Starting on page 59, Altucher presents a whole chapter filled with various ideas for you to be able to make lots of extra money in the new American economy. It doesn’t matter if you are employed, unemployed, retired, or still in school, these are actual ideas you can try… or tweak a bit to fit your situation.
  • A quick way to figure out what you want to do with your life. I meet many people who still aren’t sure what they want to do… even though they are in their 60s or even their 70s. Don’t worry about it… but give Altucher’s technique a try. (p. 38)
  • The 10 keys to selling anything… a product, yourself, your ideas. Selling is probably the most valuable skill you can have. Much of my success has been the result of my ability to sell myself and my ideas to employees, investors, and the general public. Altucher is very good at this too… and if you learn a few of these techniques, it can change your life, no matter what you do. (p. 83)
  • The biggest waste of time in modern America. It’s not television, or email or anything like that. I can practically guarantee you are wasting precious time in this pursuit, and there’s an easy way to fix it. I admit… I’m guilty of this too… and I’m going to try to stop. (p. 100)
  • The secret of distinguishing great ideas from mediocre ones (p. 95)
  • The biggest impediment most people face when it comes to getting a better job, getting promoted, or starting a side business. Altucher shows you exactly how to overcome this hurdle that thwarts so many otherwise smart people. (p. 22)
  • What to say to people when they invite you to meetings or phone calls that you believe are likely to waste your time. (p. 60)
  • The best strategy for quickly developing a business and selling it for a million dollars. I know this probably sounds like some kind of pitch you’d see on a late-night infomercial, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

Funny thing, James was actually the friend that convinced Kamal to get his first book out there. They are close friends and think a lot alike. It’s one of the reasons I’m telling you to pick them BOTH up right now.

So if it’s really true…

That you’ll be the same person 5 years from now as you are today with the exception of the people you meet and the books you read, then this is one of those tiny decisions to make which could affect the next five years of your life.

Another cool thing about James and Kamal is that they read every email they get. They’ve been known to interact with their readers and fans more than most major authors.

And knowing titans of publishing, business, technology and entrepreneurship like this is a pretty darn valuable thing to do… is it not?

So stop reading this and go grab “Choose Yourself” AND “Live Your Truth” right now on Amazon. (You may want to buy a few copies each because you will likely be giving one or more to people you love and admire… just like I am right now).

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It’s amazing they can charge these prices. 😉

Take Care
Kent Clothier