Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to work exclusively with one of Kent’s Real Estate Coaches.

Complete the form below to officially apply to work with a Professional Real Estate Coach, where an elite handful of students are shown how to…

… Create An Incredible Income And Lifestyle Wholesaling Real Estate!

If you qualify, you will be advanced to stage #2 of the application process, where you will participate in a private telephone interview.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished that someone would take you by the hand and teach you everything they know about making money in Real Estate and then watch over your shoulder to make sure you do things the “right way” the first time.

Well, this is your opportunity. We are currently looking for a limited number of qualified people to work with our Professional Real Estate Coaches.

Why we must strictly limit WHO and HOW MANY new students we accept.

As you can imagine, giving personal advice like this takes time. Unlike the other programs you’ve probably seen, the team we’ve assembled dedicates their time and resources to helping you achieve your individual financial goals as quickly as possible.

So to make sure each member gets the training they deserve, we not only require that you make a fair investment in your success (to prevent tire kickers from wasting your time and ours), we also strictly limit HOW MANY new students we accept.

Now, everyone is welcome to apply because it does not matter what position you are currently in:

>> If you do not yet have much (or any) knowledge or experience in Real Estate, we will analyze your goals, desires, and situation and then take you by the hand and work with you step by step to build a business that begins to “feed” you right away.


>> If you already have experience but you’re not making the money you’d like, we will show you all of our most powerful and proven strategies and exactly how to apply them to YOUR business so you can instantly make the changes you need to dramatically increase your profits and success.

No matter what your situation, our team will work with you and take you from A- Z… from nothing to success and show you the most profitable tips and strategies to fast track your success with your own Real Estate business.

But since we can only accept a limited number of new students at this time, we will ONLY be signing up people who meet the following qualifications:

STEP #1: You must complete the application form below to the best of your ability, explaining why you think we should work with you.

STEP #2: You must do a phone interview. If your application is selected, we’ll call you to talk about your personal goals and needs, strengths and weaknesses… We’ll discuss your experience, your goals, and your desires. And then we’ll decide together whether or not this exclusive program is right for you.

How you can apply and qualify for Step #2 (the phone interview):

Applying to work with Kent’s Real Estate Coaches is easy. Simply read the questions below, then choose the answer that best applies: