Learn to WholesaleKent Clothier and his team hold LIVE real estate wholesaling training events throughout the year on this investor topic, as well as on a variety of others. These events are truly extraordinary,  allowing our clients to learn in a more personal and interactive setting.

At our real estate wholesaling events, Kent gives you a step-by-step action plan that will enable you to Learn How To Wholesale Real Estate.

During the event, he breaks down his investing business, in detail, so you can learn exactly how he and his family have bought and sold over 3,000 properties in the past 10 years.

We highly encourage anyone who is interested in learning from some of the “best in the real estate business” to attend one of our events in the near future.

Learn to Wholesale Real Estate at Our 3 Day LIVE Find & Flip Success Summit!

Kent Clothier brings you a truly “one of a kind” training experience.  Kent and the team at Memphis Invest have collaborated to buy, and sell, over 3,000 properties since 2005; together, they give all attendees a unique insight into EXACTLY what it takes to achieve ULTIMATE SUCCESS in the real estate market today.

Learn to wholesale real estate and build automated systems that allow you to truly change your future.

These events happens once a year.  To check on our upcoming event location and dates, simply click below.

Learn to Wholesale Real Estate



You can also call our office and speak to a sales associate at 888-411-1705 Ext 701 about any upcoming real estate wholesale and marketing events as well.