There Are 5 Reasons That The Rich Get Richer

Pay Close Attention To This Timely And Important Message That Can Impact Your Bottom-line NOW

Attn: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it as they say?  A business, a job, a dream, could’ve been anything.  

Let me ask you a quick question.  Why didn’t you get it?  

You know what I’m talking about, the ones that got away.

Why didn’t you get it?  Seriously?

Well, I’m about to tell you why.  Give me just a few minutes here and I’ll tell you why and how to fix it.  

I’ll tell you why over 90% of new business owners fail and how to follow five simple guiding principles used by entrepreneurs across the world that will make sure that you are not doomed for that same fate.

Yeah, it really is only five.  However, if you follow them closely, I can virtually guarantee your success.

Now, before I reveal these five principles of the rich:

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Kent Clothier.  

Rather than do the obligatory resume dump on you, how about I just give you the highlights.

I’m a devoted father and husband, and along with my family we live in beautiful La Jolla, California.

Now, I share this with you because that hasn’t always been the case.  

Let me explain.  You see, when I was 17 I began building a business that ultimately became a $1.8 billion mega company.  

I built this company mostly in my 20s and to be very candid with you, it consumed me.  

It was my passion so much so that I did it at the expense of my family and inevitably I ended up divorced, miserable, and not enjoying life very much to say the least.  

So much so that I walked away back in 2000.


So, at the ripe old age of 30 I set out to build another successful business, but now I stayed a little more focused on my family this time around.

This time although I had the family stuff in line, I didn’t have the business stuff dialed in, so I lost everything.  

I lost everything in 2002 and 2003, financially bankrupt.  

However, as they say, the third time is the charm.

Now, since 2003 I’m happy to report that my team and I have built seven multimillion dollar companies.  My family now operates one of the most highly acclaimed companies in the real estate investing industry.

In fact, Memphis Invest was just recently named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States, a very proud number 303 I might add.  Memphis Invest now manages over $190 million in assets for our clients, manages over 1,800 properties, and purchases and sells 40 to 60 properties every month.

And while that’s all going on we’ve quietly been changing the entire real estate industry with our investing software and tools.

We now have over 17,000 students in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK using our software, our training tools and education to help them realize their own dreams and aspirations in real estate investing.

Pretty amazing, right?

Especially when you consider that it’s from a kid that barely graduated from high school and a guy that’s been knocked down more times than I would even dare to mention.  

So why am I even bringing this up to you?  

Well, I want you to appreciate that I know a thing or two, or three in fact about winning, losing, fighting, struggling, overcoming, and achieving great things in business and in life.  So I really want you to pay close attention to what we’re about to cover here and not because we’ve been successful, not because we’re successful now, but because we’ve failed and failed miserably over the years, but ultimately we overcame.

So let’s get to the five principles that are about to change your world forever.  I mean that’s why you’re really here, right?  

=====  So, here’s a news flash.  =====

Have you ever noticed how simple it seems for some people to be successful?  

I mean they make it look easy while almost everyone else struggles along.

Doesn’t even seem fair, right?

How do rich and successful people always stay on top?

Even when they fail and have to file for bankruptcy, the best are right back on top in record time.  

How does that happen?  What do they know?  

I will tell you, they know what I’m about to share with you.

So this is important.  I want you to stop for a second, pause for five seconds here, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and pay very, very close attention.  You’re going to want to take some notes.

Here are the five rules that THEY KNOW:

1. Set smart goals and take massive action.

Be willing to risk.  Now here’s what I mean by smart goals.  Smart is an acronym.  It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound.  See, it’s pretty straightforward.  Successful people know how to set goals.  They know how to set goals that will actually get them to the next level.  I want you to appreciate that in fact, most people don’t even write their goals down and that’s in fact why most people fail at reaching their goals.

You can start doing this right now, it’s simple.

Just decide what you want your life to look like.  Be specific, dream big.  There’s no point in dreaming small here, now write it down, then work backwards.  Ask yourself the question, what is keeping you from reaching those goals and then put together the SMART goals that will help you get there.  Follow the formula, but start now, not tomorrow.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now.

2. Recognize opportunity and seize it.

Now this would seem to be pretty straight-forward stuff here.  You have to get out of your own way.  Here’s what I know.  You are always holding you back.

Your success and your failure is always a product of what you believe to be possible.

Listen, if you knew how to build a multi-million dollar company and how to have everything in life that you wanted out of life then you wouldn’t be here right now, right?

So be honest with yourself, you don’t have the answers.

You don’t know what to do so you must understand that opportunities really are everywhere.  You must start there and believe it because if you don’t then you’re always going to be too blind to see it.

Here’s what I mean.  Opportunities are coming into your world every day.  Don’t have blinders on.  Turn off that part of your brain where you’re rolling back your eyes in disbelief and saying ah, that’s not real.

Don’t dictate that you’re too busy or it’s too hard, or I can’t afford it, or maybe next year.

You see, that’s how the 90% think. Yes, the same 90% that fail.  That’s how the posers think, not the really successful people.

No, they don’t think like that and after today neither do you.

In fact, when opportunity knocks, they seize it.

No more self-limiting thoughts that hold you back.  No more dragging your past into your future.  No more victim mentality.  Its time.  Stand up, dust yourself off, and go for it.  Unleash the power that you have within you and grab on with both hands.

The real estate industry has bottomed out here, ladies and gentleman, and it is poised for a massive bounce back.  Now listen, it took a brutal beating, but it has begun to rise again from the ashes.  The industry has seen double digit growth across the board.  It’s a new day with new opportunity.  It’s time to seize it.

Seize it and create your new future.

3. Surround yourself with successful people.

You know, as Jim Rohn says, you’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

So ask yourself who are you spending the most time with.  Again, ask yourself who are you spending the most time with.

Again, ask yourself what do you know or what do they know about building a wildly successful business?  Be honest and serious here.  Probably not much.

If that’s the case, I want you to do one thing.  Seek out the people that do know.  Seek out mentors, thought leaders, coaches and trainers.  They have the answers you’re looking for.

Seek out the people that are doing what you want to be doing, people that are living the life that you want to live.  Seek out the people that have already made the mistakes, have experienced the heartaches, and understand how to avoid them.  Seek out the people that understand the dos and just importantly, the don’ts.

You see, these very successful people have the answers that you’re looking for right now.  They have all the answers that you desire.  They’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours, and you can tap into that knowledge by simply asking and align yourself with them.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Not only do they have the answers, but they love to share.  They love to help someone else to achieve amazing results.  I’ve literally seen it thousands of times.  It’s their way of sharing and giving back.

The problem is, that most people (and again back to the 90% and the posers), have way too much pride and ego, so they stay trapped and broke.

They bounce around from this thing to that thing, webinar to webinar, call to call hoping that they run into success and they’ll just kind of know it when I see it.  They’re trapped and they’re lost because they don’t realize what you now know.  They struggle.  They end up giving away their dreams, their hopes, their life savings because they simply don’t know the five rules I’m sharing with you right now and ultimately how to execute them.

Not you, not anymore.  It’s time.

4. Be coachable, be humble and follow the path.

Now let me help you here.  “Shut up and listen, just trust me and follow me.”

You see, these were the words spoken to me by my mentor because in 2004, 2005, 2008, and then again in 2012.  I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that I did just that.

The results really do speak for themselves.

You see, mentors are how we achieve greatness.

Quick question:  How did Donald Trump become Donald Trump?  Answer:  His dad mentored him.

How did Warren Buffet become Warren Buffet?  He had a mentor by the name of Benjamin Graham.

Marissa Mayer, very successful CEO of Yahoo, she was mentored by Larry Page who was the CEO and founder of Google.

Larry Page, who mentored him?  Wouldn’t you know it, Steve Jobs.

What about Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two of the richest men in the world, the founders of Microsoft.  Well, they were mentored by a gentleman by the name of Ed Roberts.

Everybody knows this guy, Mark Zuckerberg changed the world in the last 10 years, founder of Facebook.  He was mentored by a couple of guys by the name of Steve Jobs and Sean Parker.

So I want to pause here for a second.  I want you to appreciate something.

All great and successful people that you know right now, they’ve all needed mentors, coaches, and trainers.

You see, it’s not just in sports.  We see it every week whether it’s in the NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, or NHL.  We’re just resigned to the fact that these multi-million dollar athletes all need coaches and trainers, and mentors.

But I also want you to appreciate that the greatest business minds in our lifetimes all had help, as well.

So what makes you think you’re any different?

This is the rule.  Be coachable, be humble, and follow the lead of your mentors.  Recognize greatness when it’s in front of you.  Check your pride and ego at the door.  Seek the advice of these people.  Listen to them and then ultimately take action.

Ask yourself, if you had a chance right now to spend lunch with Warren Buffet, which by the way costs a minimum of $25,000.  So again, if you had the opportunity to spend lunch with one of the richest men of the world and you invested at least $25,000 to be there and he gave you advice on business and life, would you listen?  Ultimately, would you act?  If he told you that now was your time and to be bold, be brave, go for it, would you dig down and find the strength to push yourself?  I’ve got news for you.

Of course you would, it’s Warren Buffet, but here’s the big ah-ha, the same should be true of all of your mentors.

They’ve all experienced success at some level and you’re there to follow.

5. Be present and recognize that now is your moment.

You see, successful people fear regret, not failure.  They know that failure comes and goes.  They know that the road to success is paved with failure.  You must not fear falling down.  In fact, you must fear not believing in yourself enough to even to try.

You see, you will always regret what you didn’t do when you could have.  Successful people know this and they move quickly.

They know that just around the corner is the next great company, the next land deal, the new development, the new hire, the new project and because of this they always move fast.

They recognize that the clock slows down for no one.  They’re here to make the most out of every opportunity and every minute.  You see, time’s not on your side.  It’s moving too fast for all of us.

What I’ve come to appreciate is that time is really your only currency.  

Here’s what I mean by that.

When you’re on your death bed, the one thing that you will not want more of is money, but the one thing that you will absolutely want more of is time.  

Respect that you have a very limited amount of it.  With that, why not own every minute of it.  Own your time.  Spend it the way you want, when you want, with who you want.  You see, your dreams matter, that’s the reason I told you earlier, dream big.

The clock’s ticking, don’t put your dreams off any longer.  Acting like you have time to spare is irresponsible and reckless.

Move hard, move fast, be bold.  Make some decisions that scare you a little bit, that’s where greatness happens.  Decide that now really is your time and finally do something about it.

Take action in the moment.

Listen to your mentors and follow them.  Allow these successful people to guide you.  Let then show you the way because one thing I can guarantee you is they have a proven path of success.

Let’s stop here and recap these five steps.  I told you they were going to be really, really valuable, but let’s see how you can apply them now.  Again, let’s recap.

  1. Set smart goals and take massive action.  Setting goals that you can actually reach, it’s imperative, but then ultimately taking the action to get them is even, I would argue, critical.
  2. Recognize opportunity and seize it, it’s happening around you every day.  When you see it, grab on with both hands and don’t let go.  Decide that now is your time.  
  3. Surround yourself with successful people.  Again, who are the people you’re spending time with?  Make a change.  Decide that your dreams matter enough that you’re going to go and surround yourself with the best and the brightest that you can.  
  4. Listen to them.  When you get around these successful people, be coachable, be humble, and follow the path that they lay out for you.  
  5. Be present.  See, this is happening every day and you need to recognize that now really is your moment.  

So how do you apply these rules in your business now?  How do you finally get on the right side of the equation?  

Well, let me candid here.  Most of us don’t have access to these types of people nor do we know how to even reach out to them.  

A few minutes of watching a video with me is great, but most of these changes are really big and they’re uncomfortable and you really want to know how you can apply it now and forever.

I want you to imagine for a moment you sitting in a room with the titans of industry and having them personally mentor you.

Imagine being in a small banquet room surrounded by the best and brightest, surrounded by people that are living the life that you desire.  They’re achieving all the results that you want and you’re sitting there soaking it up.  Having someone like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, or Donald Trump, or Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Bloomberg, or even Richard Branson spilling the beans and giving up the best secrets for creating a successful business, the kind of business that allows you to finally own your time once and for all.  

All of them sharing their insights and their proven past success and you there, again, soaking it all up, hanging on their every word.  

What would that be worth to you?

What do you think you would actually gain from that?  

How would that change your life forever, your perspective, and suddenly what you believed possible?  

What impact would that have on your thinking?  Now, what would that cost you to be there; $25,000, $50,000, $100,000?

It would be worth every penny.  Think about it, you’d be changed forever.  

Your entire world would be changed and from that point forward, you would have the power to do anything you wanted to do.

So my question is, are you ready for that kind of change?

You see, I know that most of you cannot find mentors, trainers, and the really successful people in your market and in your world.  

I also know that investing $25,000 to $100,000 to gain access to the titans of industry is simply not in the cards for most of you.

However, I sit in a very unique and powerful position in the real estate investing world and today, you’re about to profit from that.

You see, I have brought together the titans of real estate investing, the real estate rock stars if you will.  

I’ve located the best and bright in markets coast to coast, and I’m bringing them together for you for one time.  I’ve used my influence to persuade these real investors to come forward, to come forward and share with you, to pull back the curtains and reveal to you what is really happening in today’s market and how you, and I mean you, can do this.  

You see, these people are not gurus or the late-night infomercial crowd.  

These people are in your market right now and while you’re sleeping, they’re doing.  While you’ve been quietly thinking about it, well, they’ve been quietly flipping 50, 100, 200, or in some cases 300 houses a year, year after year like clockwork.

Now they’re ready to show you what it takes.

I’ve been able to bring them together for you.  This will be an opportunity to have them focus their attention on you and your business.

Imagine, three days with simply the best.  

The titans of industry, the rock stars of real estate in an intimate setting geared towards you.  

They’re all there to show you how to do one thing; how to get in, get out, and get paid.

How to create the life you want.

It’s happening and it’s happening in the next few days, in fact.

I don’t mind telling you opportunity is officially knocking right now and I want you to do whatever you need to do to grab on with both hands and be there.  

This event is for you.  I’m talking to you!

When you attend you’ll be welcomed with open arms by some of the best and brightest in the real estate investing industry.  

You’ll suddenly be surrounding yourself with success.  Your “five people” will be changed forever.

Your thinking will be changed forever.

Your path to success will finally be cleared.

Whether you want to do this part time or fulltime, the opportunity is right now.

You need to put yourself in a position to win.  

You need to take this seriously and start surrounding yourself with the most successful group of real estate investors out there.

Not next month or even next year, right now.

This event is timely and it puts you front and center, right front and center of the real estate revolution that is taking place right now.

If you’re sick and tired of being on outside looking in, then that changes now.  

If you’re ready to finally do something about that nagging debt, then let’s change it now.  

If you’re ready to start creating a real life, a life that you’re proud of, then that starts right now.  

The, take what I said to heart.

You owe it to yourself to be part of this event.  This is the right opportunity knocking at exactly the right time.  

Now, those of you that are listening, the smart money has already made the decision and said, “Kent, whatever it takes, I’m in.  What’s the investment?  Where do I sign up?”

They know that an opportunity like this is priceless.

Now, in fact, I personally paid $5,000 to $25,000 to be a part of similar opportunities and I have to admit to you, they’ve changed my life every time.  

If you wait about five minutes I’m sure some guru will be along shortly on television to have you pay $2,500 to attend their next workshop.

Heck, in the past I’ve sold multiday training boot camps for as low as $1,000.

However, I’ve never done this.  You see, I want you to be there.

I want you to take this opportunity seriously.

I know how important these people and this opportunity are to your success, so I’m making this truly irresistible, something you simply cannot say no to.

You and your guest can be my guest at this upcoming three-day live intensive training for a single payment of only


With that, you’re going to get up close and personal, have access to the best and the brightest, and they’re going to show you exactly how it’s done.  

All, for a single investment of $497,
not $2,500, not $5,000, not $25,000; one payment of $497. 

So you might be asking yourself Kent, what should I expect, what’s in it for me.

Well, here’s what I can tell you.  

It’s three days, nonstop.

The best in the business are going to be masterfully laying out the breakout blueprint for your success and again, just focusing on one thing for you, how to get in and get out, and get paid.  Lay it all out there for you and let you see exactly how it’s done in your market leaving no stone unturned, no question unanswered.  You will finally be surrounded by greatness at every turn for three extreme days.

In fact, I’m so confident that you will be blown away by this experience that I’m going to give you a 100% money back guarantee.  That’s exactly right.  You heard me right.  You invest those $497 today and attend this exclusive event, come, check it out, and at the end of the first day if you are not simply blown away and 100% satisfied then all you have to do is let us know at the back of the room.  We will promptly return your investment right then and there.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here, everything you’ve ever wanted to gain.

This truly is a once in a lifetime event for most people.  

There are no strings attached here.  The event is for you, but I will tell you there is one minor limitation.  You see, I’m limiting this offer.  

I’m limiting this discounted offer to the first 100 people that take action.  

I love the inspired few.  

I love the people that are bold so for the first 100 people that are bold, the first 100 people that are taking this to heart and seize the opportunity, you can get the discounted price.

After that, it’s gone.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  It’s real easy to tell.  You’ll see a sold out sign in the next page when all of the seats are taken.

Once and for all, we’re finally going to prove to you that you and I am, again, talking to you, really can do this.

Face it, it’s rare to get in a room and have the best and the brightest focus all their attention on you and show you how they have flipped over 2,000 properties and share with you how you can do the same and start achieving amazing results.  That doesn’t happen every day.  The opportunity is real.  The caliber of people is undeniable.  Now, it just requires you, but I’ll make the decision even easier for you.

Not only have I discounted the price to really unheard of levels and not only have I backed it up with a 100% money back guarantee, but I’ll add one more kicker for the first 50 people.

For the first 50 people that jump on this and order right now, today, and then attend the upcoming event, I’ll have a special little package waiting there at the front door for you.  

At the event I will give you one of my bestselling investing courses; Behind Closed Doors:  The Millionaire Mastermind tapes.  This is packed with over 16 hours of hardcore, uncut, and unfiltered footage from a recent private high-level mastermind that I just held.  In the past, I’ve sold this for $997 but like I said, be one of the first 50 to purchase and attend, and it’s yours; $997 all included.

So now, you just need to act in the moment.

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You’re not the only one watching this, guys, but this is your moment.

This is your moment to seize so act in the moment.

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Take care.