Turnkey Passive Investments was built on the notion that investors need to surround themselves with quality, proven individuals and companies. As active real estate investors in Memphis, Tennessee, we knew what types of service and experience levels investors wanted to see in order to feel comfortable investing far from home.

Widely considered among their peers to be the best at what they do, the owners of, the nation’s largest real estate wholesaling company, have several hundred real estate investment properties in their own portfolios and have assisted countless other investors in purchasing over 850 quality, discounted real estate investment properties in Memphis during the last 6 years. Delivers Turnkey Cash Flowing Properties

The company quickly evolved into a full Turn-Key option for real estate investors by providing comprehensive renovation services and top of the line investment property management. Renovation Services has since renovated over 800 properties in Memphis and prides itself on providing excellent renovation work dedicated to minimize deferred costs for investors. Premier Property Management has become a leading investment property management company in Memphis and will surpass 1,000 properties under management in 2013.

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