10 Entrepreneur Quotes That Will Energize You Every Day

Check out these ten quotes for entrepreneurs. Print them, make them screen savers, and read them every day to get yourself moving to where you want to be…

  1. The time is now!

Life is short. Every day we have fewer tomorrows. Why put off, what we can do today? This may be our only chance to take control, and get it done. There is never a perfect moment. There will always be challenges. Yesterday may have been the best day to start. Today is the best day you have left.

  1. What separates me from the competition is my use of technology

This quote by Steve Richards is more important today than ever before. Since the beginning of recorded history, it has been those with the best technology who have been the best successes, and the most memorable. From weapons to roads, to pyramids, to automobiles, planes and mobile payments, and space exploration, the leaders are those who apply the best technology available. Today this is vital in real estate and all businesses. Use the tech you can get your hands on to be faster, more efficient, and more profitable.

  1. If you want to get there, listen to the people that have been there

The easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to get to where you want to be is to listen to those that have already been there. That’s true in all areas of life from fitness to relationships, and business. Chances are that no matter what you want to achieve, there is someone who has done it. Find them, and learn from them. Be careful to filter out those who offer advice and opinions but who don’t have the results to back it up.

  1. The secret to getting ahead is getting started

If you are still stuck in the planning stage, it is time to get started. You have to give yourself a deadline, or you’ll never get going. You do need a plan, yet don’t put more weight on your plan that it deserves. People will work and invest with you based on your idea, passion, and personality, not the grammar in your business plan. Plans will constantly change too. Set your compass, start moving.

  1. Stop calling it a dream. Start calling it your plan

If you don’t have a plan yet, get one. One of the main reasons others are so successful is that the majority are still spending their time dreaming, and never take action. Get clarity on your vision, then make it into a plan. Create a basic business plan. Then break it down into an action plan that you can begin chipping away on immediately. That’s the fast way to make your dream a reality.

  1. It’s never a lack of resources, it’s a lack of resourcefulness

Your success doesn’t depend on what you have or don’t, it is about what you do with it. Most lottery winners go broke fast. Most millionaires have made it from rags to riches, without any trust fund handouts. It is all about knowing what you have, what your strengths and assets are, and even more importantly; how to leverage others and their assets. That includes; money, time, and expertise.

  1. Average people think short-term, millionaires think long-term

The reason the masses stay average is largely due to their short-term thinking. They spend all their money on short term thinking. They make short term plans. They treat others based on a short-term view. If they do make it, that usually means they crash and burn fast. Real millionaires, who make it and keep it, and grow it, are those who think long term. Billionaires think even longer.

  1. No one is going to knock on your door and make all your dreams come true

They just aren’t. You are going to have to get out there on knock on some doors to make things happen. If you want it, go out and get it. Knock on the doors of prospects, investors, and mentors. If they do knock on yours, you had better run to open it, and invite them in fast.

  1. The only way to create freedom is to break free

You are not going to get free, or even make it to the end of the street, unless you open the door and get moving. It may sound like work at first, but once you are moving, and you are feeling it, you won’t want to stop.

  1. Time is your only currency

Time is our most valuable currency. You can trade yours for minimum wage, waste it in front of the TV or dreaming, or you can invest it in learning, leverage it by spending it with other successful people, and demand a better return on it.

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