Unsure How To Become Your Best Self? Sleep On It.

For many of us, reaching our full potential is constantly at the forefront of our minds. Whether it’s providing for our family, creating stronger job security, or becoming financially independent, we all have worthy factors in our lives that inspire us to be better. Each day, we explore new ways to improve ourselves and reach new heights. It’s in our nature to live a competitive lifestyle and keep a steady eye on the world around us. We are driven by the idea of pushing ourselves to set and achieve goals, to close another deal, to maximize our return on an investment.

This way of life can be very rewarding.

There’s just nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment and experiencing the results of hard work. These things put you on the path to truly becoming your best self. However, in many cases, people can become overwhelmed by the fast pace and ongoing battle to increase their productivity. Quickly, some find themselves wondering what to do next. Caught up in the hustle of the never-ending battle, many overlook one simple item that can drastically improve themselves in a variety of ways. Ironically, one way to do more and achieve better results is to simply stop and rest.

Getting adequate sleep has been proven to be beneficial in a variety of ways. However, many people fail to reach the amount of sleep that is recommended for them. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults, ages 26-64, should get 7-9 hours of sleep per day. Doing so will help improve in areas from health and memory to happiness and stress levels

If you're reading this then there is one thing I know for certain, and it's that you want to GET BETTER. DO BETTER. BE BETTER! 

And to improve yourself, there’s no better place to start than your overall health.

Ensuring you get plenty of sleep can help you become healthier in a variety of ways. Although sleep is not a cure-all for every illness, inefficient sleep has been linked to problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

To increase your chances of avoiding some of these issues, make it a point to get a full night’s sleep as often as possible. Staying physically fit constantly ranks high on the priority list of many people. Often times, though, many fail to reach their goals around diet and exercise. Adequate sleep will set the foundation for your body to maintain the stamina and energy levels needed to help you sustain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Not only can this improve your physical health, but your mental health as well. People who get enough sleep tend to be happier, less irritable and less likely to feel symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Another contributing factor to becoming your best self is to simply improve your productivity. Many wish to find ways in which they can become more efficient and make fewer mistakes. Furthermore, learning new tasks quickly and developing existing skills also ranks high for many who strive for personal development. Again, adequate sleep can drastically contribute to improving in these areas. As you sleep, your mind is allowed to re-energize itself, making it easier to learn and retain new information. When you’re well rested, you have the energy that’s needed to be more productive, both at work and at home. That energy also allows you to stay focused and leads to precision and increased memory.

Sleep simply helps make your brain function properly. A good night’s sleep helps you to concentrate at a higher level, make sound decisions and be more creative. With a body and mind that are free of fatigue, you’ll be better equipped to analyze and deeply consider important decisions that can ultimately have a profound affect or your future or financial well-being.

The benefits of sleep are endless. However, few choose to take advantage them. Conforming your sleep habits to ensure you’re getting enough sleep should be a top priority. As you look for ways to enhance your personal development, don’t forget all that can be gained, or avoided, by simply establishing a healthy routine around sleep.

Don’t let sleep deficiency keep you from becoming your best self!

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Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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