Finding Business & Investment Partners

Where can you find great business and investment partners?

No matter what business or type of investing you are in, it can always be better with partners. They can bring time, money, expertise, and a friend who empowers you. So, where do you find them?

Friends & Family

The first go-to in the search for a partner or investor is often your circle of friends and family. This can make sense in some respects. You already know each other. They are the easiest to connect with. When you are on to a good thing, they are the first people you want to share that with. They may already be your biggest supporters. When things don’t go according to plan they may also be the most forgiving. Of course, it doesn’t always flow as easily as expected. Some members of this group can be your biggest detractors too. They won’t always respond positively to you changing your life. Even your spouse and children who may stand to benefit the most may not rush into action to help.


If you are just venturing out into a new business from a job, you may find that your coworkers can make great partners to make the leap with you. You already know some of their strengths and weaknesses. You probably share many of the same pains and aspirations. You do need to be very careful with your employer and any contracts you have, but going out on your own could be one of the best things you do. Just make sure that they are really a fit as partners, versus coming on as employees.

Angel & Private Investors

Angel investors and private investors can be great sources of seed capital for new and growing businesses. More than just bringing money, they can also bring a lot of connections and experience to the table too. There are a variety of ways to find and connect with these investors both on and offline. There are dedicated groups and websites, as well as your own marketing and networking to be done.

Business Coaches

For those that aren’t necessary actively looking for a business partner, but want an experienced advisor and accountability partner, a coach can be a smart move. They can help provide many of the benefits of a partner, often with even more experience and an unbiased perspective. Everyone needs a coach anyway. They may even help you hone in and evaluate good investor and partnership candidates. Occasionally, where there is a great match, they may eventually become partners or investors in your venture.

Cofounders Lab

Cofounders Lab is the world’s largest online network of entrepreneurs looking to connect and start businesses. You can use it to find a match among cofounders based on location, skill sets, and share vision. It is also connected with Onevest and 1000 Angels which connects capital investors with startup opportunities.

Live Events

There are numerous live events which are great environments for meeting investors and various types of partners. These can be local boardroom style executive meetings, industry networking events, and meetups. Or you can put yourself in the right place where you are likely to meet great potential candidates who share your passions. That could be at endurance races, tech coding events, charity fundraisers, private clubs, or something else.

Your Competition

Instead of expending so much energy and money on competing with other solid players in your industry, why not partner up? Together you may be able to achieve even more, and be able to operate far more profitably, than trying to take each other head-on. This could be a merger or acquisition, casual alliance, strategic partnership in one area of your business, or sharing resources and data.


Partners and investors are an important part of business and investing. Finding the right partners isn’t always that easy, but there are many places to look and connect. Make sure you try out this list and really work to find a sound match before rushing in.

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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