Vacation Rentals: 10 Tips To Make Them Better

How to make your vacation rental property experiences even better…


Vacation rental property investment is becoming hotter than ever. Between individuals realizing the profits on leasing their own places in peak holiday seasons, Airbnb superhosts, and income property investors desiring better margins, this trend is only growing. How profitable it ends up being for each landlord will ultimately depend a lot on the experience they provide. Here are ten ways to improve that, and bulk up your long term net revenue.


Deliver on What You Advertise


With all the great cameras and photo editing tools we have today, some listings can look deceptively better than they might be. Those with multiple vacation rental units in an area also need to be careful to put incoming guests in the exact units they reserved. If you don’t, and expectations are not met, it is a recipe for headaches and bruises to your reputation. Maximizing the appeal of your listings is important, but even if you don’t have the most magnificent listings, there are budget travellers who may be a good fit. Just deliver on what you promise. Note, those now listing their inventory Expedia should take advantage of providing individual photos and property features for each individual unit to help with this.


Anticipate Different Expectations


People have different perceptions and expectations. What may be acceptable or luxurious to one traveler or tenant may be far from it for the next. Realize that gaps will happen. Resolve them as best as you can.


Provide Local Guides & Information


Make sure you provide information in your listings and units that will help prospects make a good choice, and get the most out of their stay. Where are the local coworking spaces, gyms offering day passes, best places to eat, sights to see, etc. This doesn’t have to cost you anything. Pick up free existing materials or have your partners sponsor them. The better time they have, the better they will feel about your unit and business.


Provide Awesome Internet


It’s the number feature in demand today.




Offering a shuttle service to and from airports or other major transport hubs can make getting in and out much easier. It can relive a lot of stress. Just make sure your rates are competitive, and don’t appear you are taking advantage of visitors. You don’t have to do the driving. Just partner with a good provider.


Know How You’ll Handle Complaints


There will be issues and complaints. No matter how good of a job you are doing. It’s easier if you have a plan in advance. Have someone on call in case the internet isn’t working on arrival, the power cuts out, or if the unit isn’t just a good fit for them. Do you have service providers identified to go fix it? Alternative units or hotel relationships to move them to if needed?


Answer All Reviews


The most important thing about online reviews is how you answer them. Answer them all, good and bad. Thank them for their input. Use these as opportunities to shine and stand out.


Inspect Your Cleaners’ Work


If you aren’t holding your cleaning teams accountable, don’t expect them to do a fantastic job all the time. Make sure you are checking the work, and they know.


Prep Units Before Arrival


First impressions make all the difference. If they walk in and the temperature is right, it smells good, and they can grab a bottle of water or coffee before having to venture out for supplies, it can make a world of a difference in their total experience.


Encourage Social Sharing


Anchor the good emotions of the booking and leverage your users’ audience by encouraging sharing on social media. Make your account handles obvious so they can follow and tag you, recommend hashtags and local filters, and maybe even give them perks for posting.

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Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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