How I Stand Up For Our Business And How You Should Too

It’s O.K. To Value Your Company And Time Enough To Fire Some Customers

So from time to time, I receive emails from subscribers or potential clients complaining about why our services are not free or somehow implying that I’m immoral, unscrupulous, and repulsive for actually charging money.  

Now I rarely take any of these comments seriously or even dignify them with a response.  These people are not our “tribe” and they rarely turn out to have what it takes to succeed in business.

Regardless, by way of me responding to an email and using it as an example, I thought I would share with all of you my feelings on this (and how anyone in business should feel as well).

First, I don’t apologize for trying to make a profit.  Show me any business not trying to do things profitably, and I’ll show you a failing business.  Period.

Second, here is the way I see the situation specifically in our industry AND my response to an email exchange with someone that was voicing their frustration with our industry and trying to “lump our company” into their previous experiences and loss of money in the past.


Let me begin by saying thank you for your reply.

Do we charge for our services – YES! Emphatically and unapologetically.

Is our organization the best in the business, flipping 600 properties a year – 50 a month – every month for years now.  Also, YES!  

And this one fact, no doubt, makes us significantly different than any other real estate mentoring or coaching program in the industry today.  

While many other mentoring programs, don’t even invest at all.  They are simply “schools” (to use the term loosely) – much like many professors at a university ….. have never actually owned a business, yet they teach business classes.

SO…having an organization that DOES it AND teaches it – is important.

Now, with that said….

Let’s assume for a moment that you were in my shoes.

  • You are a part of a family business, flipping 50 houses a month, managing 3000+ properties, handling 600 rehabs a year, etc
  • And in this business, you had developed great systems for finding cash buyers, finding vacant properties with equity, and finding private lenders – with a few mouse clicks.  And prior to you inventing it, no one in the industry had EVER seen or heard of anything like these systems.  Imagine, that you had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the systems as well.
  • Now imagine, that after you show these systems to a few respected investors in the business – they beg you to productize it and allow other people to LEVERAGE this technology and access these systems for a FRACTION of what it cost to develop them.  So you do it.            
  • Then as you help more and more people access these systems and you hear their success stories – people begin to ask you to help them to develop their business to look like yours.
  • The business that requires your undivided attention and is flipping 50 houses a month, etc.
  • But you figure out a way to peel yourself a way an develop a blueprint, an outline, a curriculum that is steeped in your experience, your processes, your metrics.  And you help people, again.

Now, I would ask you this……

If you wanted to purchase a Subway franchise today – do you think they’d just give it to you for free?  All of their intellectual property, all of their strategies, marketing plans, customer acquisition techniques?  
Let me help you – that is a “no”.
And there is not a business on the planet that is TRULY THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO…..that would do that either.
Yet….you expect that from me and my organization.
Somehow in this relationship, I am expected to build all of the solutions, techniques, go through all of the hard knocks, take all of the risk…..then in your email above – I am somehow vilified for expecting a more than reasonable fee for sharing that same information and wisdom.
We will not apologize for charging for our services.  It would cost you 50x the fee we are charging you in time and money to create what we offer….minimum.
So, do we charge – Yes.
That’s what good business do and we are proud of the service that we offer and have plenty of clients around the country that will gladly stand up and scream from the highest hilltops on how well our services, software, and trainings have worked for them.
 My hope is that you see … it’s ok to stand up for your business.  Some people are just not a good fit.  Don’t compromise.

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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