Why You Should Always Consider Yourself To Be A Work In Progress

Just for a moment, I invite you look back and recall some of the dreams and aspirations you had as a child. Perhaps you imagined yourself someday becoming an astronaut, traveling to distant galaxies. Or maybe your dreams were a bit more down to earth and you pictured yourself simply following in the footsteps of your favorite teacher. Whatever it was, something sparked a passion inside of you that fueled a desire to learn, to ask questions and to work toward reaching your goal.

Not all are fortunate enough to realize the dreams they experienced as a child.

Many of us ultimately follow drastically different paths as we venture into adulthood. If you’re anything like the majority, you’ll likely hold a variety of positions within multiple organizations throughout your career. Along the way, one key ingredient that will play a critical role in both your success and happiness will be your ability to maintain that childlike passion for learning and progress.

As you embrace the idea of being in a constant state of learning, you will feel the desire and motivation to seek out and develop new skills, find new and innovative ways to support those you work with, and continually set and achieve new goals.

There is always room for personal and professional improvement. We should always consider ourselves to be a work in progress. This belief will lead you to discover new opportunities along every step of your journey and help to avoid burnout, boredom, and discouragement.

Openly Embrace Change

One constant in life is change. The level at which you embrace and adapt to change will ultimately determine your success. Many see change as a negative aspect of life and fail to recognize all of the positive facets that come with it. Instead, strive to accept change openly and seek out opportunities that arise as a result. Every time something changes, you learn something new and grow in ways not otherwise possible. Change also helps you to become more flexible, leading to less stress or frustration when things happen unexpectedly.

Change can be the catalyst for some of life’s greatest achievements.

Leverage the Knowledge of those Around You

Allow colleagues, friends and family to be an influence on your development. Each of us posses a unique set of talents, skills and strengths. On the flip side, we all have areas of weakness as well. As we learn to leverage the knowledge and skills of others, we can greatly improve in our own areas of weakness. In some cases, this may be uncomfortable, as it can be difficult to admit when we may need help. However, most are happy and willing to offer assistance and insight around the areas in which they have experienced success.

If possible, find a mentor. Establishing a positive, long-term relationship with a mentor can be beneficial in many ways. A good mentor will generally have a life’s worth of perspective, vision and experience. Additionally, active engagement in a mentorship exposes you to an even wider network of professional contacts.

Don't Settle for Mediocrity

After years within a single role or field, many reach a plateau in their learning and progression. Often times, it’s easy to become comfortable in this state, as it requires less time and energy. However, this level of comfort fuels mediocrity and should be avoided. Constant growth and progression will always involve a higher level of commitment to stay up to date on all things innovative and new. You can’t depend on what you’ve learned in the past to propel you into true success in the future. Regularly learning new things and developing new skills will provide you with more options throughout life and your career, while also increasing your confidence.

Make it a choice today to live a life of learning. 

You may never reach perfection, but you can guarantee your constant progression. Dedicate time each day to your personal development. Take advantage of opportunities as they’re presented to you. Push yourself to explore new and innovative ways to accomplish tasks. Further, expand your networks. Ask questions, research answers, read books and enroll in classes. As you do, you’ll experience greater success, satisfaction, and joy in life.

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About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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