Fast Growing Businesses & Careers For 2018

What careers and industries are expected to be strong and growing this year?

Whether you are looking for a new career, a new startup business idea, or just want to make sure you are integrating growth factors into your business and portfolio, it pays to know where the growth is.

So, check out these fast growing business sectors…


There is no ignoring cryptocurrencies. They may not have proven to be the best investment in 2018 by a long run, but they probably aren’t done making noise or gaining attention yet. There is so much invested in these coins, launching new ICOs, payment platforms for accepting them, and making them possible, people just are going to give up yet. You might bet a few dollars on a part of a bitcoin to see what happens. Though many more may want to start incorporating crypto into their businesses in some form or another. Just make sure it makes sense. Listing a million dollar house in a hot gateway city for bitcoins may make a lot of sense. Listing $20,000 distressed houses in an ugly part of a small town for bitcoin may just totally fail to connect.


Bleisure is a new term coined to describe the blending of business, leisure, and travel. We’re becoming far more flexible and mobile. People are using temporary apartments more. Are travelling more and for longer periods. They are working on the go, and combining travel experiences at the same time. That means they need new types of places to stay and work. They need new types of travel and work gear to support that. They need new ways to connect, and even new clothes that support this lifestyle. This will prove to be one of the biggest areas of growth ahead.

Virtual Reality

VR is certainly not new. It is definitely catching on now. It is finding its way into more and more uses. Such as for real estate developers to show off upcoming projects. As the technology gets better, more users enjoy it, and there is some real systemization in devices and publishing we should grow closer to saturation and tipping point. Entrepreneur reports there were 450,000 monthly searches for “virtual reality” on Google alone.

Online Business Support Services

Everything is going online. Even Amazon’s new brick and mortar store runs on apps, AI, and cameras, and has no cashiers. Existing businesses need a lot of support to get online and catch up. New businesses need even more help figuring out what works, and implementing it. They need developers and coders, copywriters, designers, online customer service agents, and much more. There is huge opportunity in this space, both for businesses and for individuals whose jobs are being obsolete by technology.

In turn, these new supporting businesses and freelancers will need a lot of help and support navigating and thriving in a fast developing landscape with many more competitors.

Mobile Businesses

Award winning marketer and author Velma Trayham also predicts mobile businesses will be a huge trend this year. These are different from purely online portals, as they often revolve around mobile entrepreneurs and business going out to clients. Some may be done online over Skype, but with new buildings being developed without parking spaces for cars, and many brick and mortar retail plazas struggling, more people will want and need services that come to them. Think tutors, telemedicine, consulting, uber delivery, personal style consultants, and even drone rental.

Real Estate

Home sales are expected to reach a new high this year. That will run in tandem with home equity levels hitting new highs, and a surge in home equity lending. Expect even more investment, moving to adjust to new ways of living and doing business, and even development to meet demand and balance affordability.

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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