Mother’s Day 2017: 10 Ways Business Owners Can Make A Difference This Year

Mother’s Day is coming up fast. What can business owners do to make a difference in their lives and communities?

This year Mother’s Day lands on May 14th. It’s an important day. Mothers play such a pivotal role in our society and economy. There is a lot that business owners, independent professionals, and real estate investors can do to honor and empower them this year. If you don’t have a game plan in place yet, check out these ideas for making a difference…

  1. Spend Time with Them

Whether it is your mom, a grandmother, a sibling, daughter, step mom, aunt, or just a mother figure who has been in your life; one of the best things you can do this Mother’s Day is to spend time with them. Life goes fast, and it is moments like these, spent together, that make life so rich. Put your business on autopilot for the day and just go spend some real quality time with them.

  1. Celebrate the Mother’s in Your Business

Whether you operate with in-house staff, remote workers, or just have a partner who is a mom; take time to celebrate them. Being a mom is a highly valuable and tough job all by itself. Celebrate the moms in your business this year. Award them, honor them, pamper them.

  1. Empower Your Team to do the Same

Empower your team to come up with ideas for this Mother’s Day. Let someone step up and take on the challenge to run the initiative in your business. Give your team the time off, and maybe even the financial surplus to spend time with their special moms, and to treat them. It doesn’t have to be a lot. A spa day, brunch out, or a Sunday off doesn’t have to cost you much. The returns will more than pay for it.

  1. Business Vendors

Your business probably has a variety of strategic relationships, vendors, and experts it works with on a monthly basis. There are many women owned businesses and women entrepreneurs who you can show appreciation to this year. Send them cards, gift baskets, or something else unique.

  1. Local Mothers

Mothers play a VIP role in your local community and economy. Many may not get the recognition they deserve, nor the support they need. Use this time to provide that, and to lift them up, and to inject new positivity and empowerment into your local community. Perhaps you can collaborate with a local eatery to provide a free Mother’s Day brunch. Perhaps you can host an education and training event to provide economic opportunities. Or start an annual event where they come together and trade stories about their mothers and the wisdom they learned from them.

  1. Open Houses

Real estate professionals and business owners can host Mother’s Day themed open houses. In the run up to Mother’s Day 2017 you could host special events at houses which are ideal gifts for moms who are set to retire, those needing a mother-in-law suite to bring mom into the home, and starter homes for new moms, as well as investment properties. If you aren’t in the real estate business you could hold an open house event at your office.

  1. Sponsor

If coordinating something of your own is just too tough to fit into your schedule right now, then consider sponsoring someone else Mother’s Day initiatives. Find another business who is doing something and find out how you can help as a sponsor. Can you help financially, by raising awareness, or by providing volunteers?

  1. Social Media Competitions

Social media campaigns, contests, and giveaways can be an easy way to get involved. Perhaps you can give away a variety of small relevant gifts, or the ‘ultimate’ Mother’s Day getaway. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn.

  1. Donate to Charity

A crazy simple option is just to donate to a charity who supports mothers.

  1. Shop Relevant Businesses

Where we shop and spend our money matters. So, shop women owned stores and those which work hard to create jobs for moms.

What will you do this Mother’s Day to make an impact?

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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