Real Estate Business: Maximizing Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is big for business, how can you maximize the opportunity for real estate?

Cyber Monday is becoming even bigger than Black Friday in some ways. Last year Cyber Monday sales hit almost $3.5B, and have been growing by double digits since 2010. Often there are even more sales on this Monday than the previous Friday. It’s an opportunity to boost sales that real estate businesses and entrepreneurs shouldn’t let slip by.

Support & Participate

Black Friday and the end of year can be notorious for spurring all kinds of unnecessary spending. However, there be great shopping opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs.  It can be a great time to shop and support other businesses you admire. You may also be able to scoop great deals on products and services you really need. Such as office supplies, technology, education, and property management and building supplies. Take advantage of the sales on the stuff you really need, and gain extra deductions before the tax year is up.

Leverage it & Get Noticed

This is a great time to stand out and get noticed for new tech related things too. Is your real estate business using drones, launching new websites, mobile apps, social media groups, or a top real estate blog? Create some press releases, invite journalists to try it out, and get it in the news. This can be a great time to run some additional ads and get tech savvy consumers to check you out too.

Distribute New Digital Content

The days and weeks leading up to Cyber Monday are a great time to unleash more digital content. This can be social media posts, slideshows, videos, podcasts, blogs and articles, whitepapers, infographics, email courses, and more. This can be self promotion, educational, or simply inspiring. Let people know about new options for engaging with real estate online, what’s new in tech in your niche, how they can use new online house search functions and digital mortgages to speed up the process of investing.

Create Special Sales Deals

People are out hunting for deals online. Give them some. They are ready to shop and buy, if they see the value. Give discounts, run giveaways, bundle products and services together. Consider collaborating with other strategic business partners, and adding even more value. It’s a great way to leverage other social media followings, blog readers, and email lists. Collaborate and share marketing costs, and increase your reach and marketing ROI. You might even do some of this offline to go around those who are hitting the internet hard, and find a new way to stand out.

Pledge to Adopt New Tech for Next Year

Everything is more driven by technology today, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. If you don’t feel competitive on Cyber Monday, pledge to make your real estate business more tech savvy, and to integrate or develop more technology before next year. Get better at using Facebook, find new systems for sourcing and marketing to leads, make sure your website is really mobile friendly, get better at video, think about how you can make it even easier for people to do business with you online.


Cyber Monday is a big deal for getting noticed and making more sales. There are many ways to approach it, and maximize it. It’s also a time to reflect on how you can make your real estate business even more tech friendly and efficient.

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About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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