Best 2017 Gift Guide For Entrepreneurs

Check out this holiday gift guide for what to give the entrepreneurs in your life this year…

Our entrepreneurs are the hardworking lifeblood of our country. They are what keep things going, keep progress moving, create new jobs, and make ideas realities that improve life. They are brave hustlers, who often sacrifice a lot of themselves in the pursuit of fulfilling their missions to help others. It’s not always easy. If you’ve got an entrepreneur on your gift list this holiday season, here are some great gift ideas to consider.

Invest in Them

Changing the world isn’t cheap. Especially when you have to eat and keep your internet on too. If you can afford it, find out if you can invest in their enterprise. It will mean a lot to them that you believe in them, and it could turn out to be one of your greatest investments.

Help Them Invest in Their Education

There are so many aspiring entrepreneurs who really have a lot to give, and who have so much potential. Often, all that stands in their way is a crucial education course, REWW certification, or something to build their skills. It’s a gift that can keep on giving to them, and to allow them to give more for the rest of their lives.

New Phones

Entrepreneurs can live by their phones today. You can literally start and launch a business with a mobile phone now. Make sure they have a good one. The new Google Pixel 2 phone may have the best phone camera ever made. Even beating the iPhone 8. Samsung is also a great choice for those who run their businesses by Google apps. Though, if you are an Apple fan, and want to reach them via Facetime, then consider the iPhone X.

Social Media Love

So much of businesses, and especially startups is about social media today. It can take you viral, or make you president. Or it can be soul crushing when you aren’t getting much love. If you are on a tight budget, it won’t cost you anything to spend a few minutes liking their posts, sharing them, and leaving a few encouraging comments.

New Camera Gear

A lot of promotion and marketing is about video today. Besides a new mobile phone with a great camera consider professional DSLR cameras, camera attachments for phones, drones, GoPro cameras, and 360 degree cameras. Or some type of video editing program, a green screen, or pro mic.


Travel is great for the soul, mind, and making new connections. It can be essential for entrepreneurs to build their network, and see things from new perspectives, and to get new ideas. You can whisk them away to Cancun or the Dominican Republic for the weekend, taking them surfing for a week in Nicaragua, or send them backpacking in Asia.

Time Off

While the ultimate result of owning your own business may be the freedom to set your own schedule, and 4 hour work week, there can be long nights, weekends, and 100 hour work weeks at the beginning. It’s easy to burn out, and that doesn’t help anybody. Think about what you can do to help. Can you babysit for a weekend so they can get ahead on their project, without feeling guilty? Hire them a virtual assistant for a couple weeks so they can take time out, without neglecting clients?

Real Estate

Many of today’s entrepreneurs are working hard to change the world for the long term, but are neglecting some of the most important investments they can be making. They are couch surfing, backpacking and staying in hostels, sharing rooms, or skipping from one Airbnb to another. That can be fun, but it does have its cost. It can also mean putting of critical long term investments, and the benefits of homeownership, and in a time when it can be great to buy. Can you give them a small apartment? How about the use of an empty vacation home while you are not using it? A piece of land to sit on to build on when they settle down, or a small income property which can take care of their basics, so they can focus on their big innovation?

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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