Your Gift Guide: Best 2017 Gifts For Real Estate Investors

The holidays are on! What are the best gifts to give real estate investors, or for them to give in 2017?

It’s a mad shopping rush from here through to 2018. There are no shortage of sales or people you can give gifts to. Here are some hot ideas to keep you going, whether you are a real estate investor looking for gift ideas, or have an investor you need to get a gift for.

What to Gift the Investors in Your Life

New Phones

Phones are a big deal for most real estate professionals. Aside from the pressure to be stylish and be rocking the latest tech, they are hugely practical. You want to be able to take the best pictures and video, and show off properties with the best graphics on your phone. There are many choices. The latest Samsung and Google Pixel phone have been consistently rated as having better cameras than even the new iPhone. Though for those who are diehard Apple fans, then there is no substitute, even if the idea is better than the execution these days.


Drone photography is awesome for real estate marketing. It can make a big difference in marketing and appeal. Drones can still be a bit tricky in terms of regulation, and some places have already barred them, but every real estate investor ought to have one.

360 Cameras

The next big thing in marketing is 360 degree video. It’s still catching on, but it is gaining steam. Give the real estate investors in your life the edge with one of these cameras so that they can really stand out as leaders, and make their presentations even more impactful and valuable.

VR Gear

While virtual reality gear has already become pretty inexpensive and readily available at most stores, not every investor has their hands on it. It can be a great gift for entertainment, but also to see what the competition is up to, and to be able to show off their 360 videos to prospects.

Real Estate Education

Things are always changing in real estate. Home trends are changing, the rules are changing, and where the leads and deals are are changing. Those who keep learning, and staying on top of these trends are those who will win, and keep on leading. Give them the gift of a new real estate course, coaching program.

Time Off

Brand new aspiring real estate investors often struggle with finding the time to get going, while juggling other responsibilities. Those who are already running their own real estate businesses can find they never get to take the time out to enjoy it. They are busy trying to grow things. Yet, being able to enjoy the journey, and just get some headspace is important too. Why not gift them some time off? Gift a weekend away, offer to watch the kids for a day, or hire them an assistant for a week to free up more of their time.

Gift Ideas for Real Estate Investors to Give

Free Rent

As a real estate investor with rental properties, one of the best gifts you can give is a little free rent. You can surprise tenants with a free day or two of rent during the holidays to help ease their finances, and allow them the extra to gift something to their kids. Or maybe you have place you can offer for a week to someone displaced by recent hurricanes. Or maybe it is giving one of your top performing staff members use of your beach house or ski cabin for a weekend.

Real Estate

It’s ironic how few real estate investors gift real estate. Yet, it is one of the best gifts of all. Gift your parents a duplex or income property so they don’t have to worry about retirement. Gift a niece or nephew a starter home they can fix up. Or start passing on your legacy to your kids with a small multifamily they can move into or manage as student housing, and use to help pay their own way through college.

Gift Your Knowledge

Your knowledge and experience is your most valuable asset. Gifting that wisdom to others can help them keep providing for their families, and giving to others for decades. So, publish some educational content, mentor someone, or turn them on to a great real estate course.

Second Chances

As an investor and business owner you are in a unique position of power to give people second chances. Give someone a shot at getting a job with you, or a renter who has been through tough times a shot at one of your rentals, even if their credit isn’t perfect. They won’t forget the opportunity.

Home Makeovers

If you are personally experienced in remodeling homes, or have a team of contractors, or just some extra materials you can give the gift of a makeover. It could be going into remodel a whole home for someone you love, a one room makeover for an aunt or grandmother, or a renovation for someone who had their home damaged in the recent storms.

What will you give?

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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