10 Tips For Starting Over From Scratch [Life and Business]

Sometimes we have to start over from scratch. What’s the best way to get through it, and on to even better things?

It happens. Sometimes we have to start over. Sometimes life or the economy just hits us hard. Employers can downsize or go out of business for a wide variety of reasons. We might get ill and laid off. Or personal relationships can crumble and leave us in the lurch. We aren’t always prepared. These things are still happening all around us today, and many are still trying to find their footing in the wake of the 2008 crises. So, what do you do when you are faced with starting over? How do we turn what may be uncomfortable into a huge blessing, make the best of it, and launch forward?

  1. Take a Minute

It’s okay to take a moment. It’s reasonable to allow yourself a couple days to mourn the grief of any type of loss, whether it is a job, a retirement account, or something else. Get it out of your system upfront so that you can move on. Just give yourself a time limit so that you don’t get stuck in this phase. That may be 3 days or a week, depending on your situation. Give it a deadline.

  1. Think Objectively

Don’t take it personally. Employers have to make tough decisions sometimes. The economy gets manipulated. And sometimes things just don’t work out. To get from here to somewhere better it can make sense to briefly analyze what went wrong so that you can move on and sustain success in the future. Just be objective about it. No matter how great you are, not everyone will see and appreciate it. They have a world of problems going on in their own minds. It’s not personal. In fact, billionaire investor Peter Thiel suggests that failure is so complicated that we can often fail to learn the right lessons by analyzing it. Instead, focus on the positives, and what can be done to ensure sustainability in the future. Some might find more financial reserves and insurance, as well as better money management helps. Though recognize that even the greatest business legends fail all the time. They fail repeatedly, but they are differentiated by getting back up and trying again.

Focus on the benefits of your situation, and what you do have. List them. What knowledge, experience, talent, connections, finances, and time freedom do you have? These are all valuable assets you can use to bounce forward.

  1. Enjoy the Time

If you’ve been laid off or lost a business, then you probably have far more free time right now, than you’ve had in a long time. Enjoy it! This luxury probably won’t last forever. Do things you didn’t have time for before. Make it to those cheer or soccer tryouts, cook dinner, visit family, or travel.

  1. Stay Healthy

In order to stay objective and positive, and move forward, you have to stay healthy. You may not feel like it at all, but it is essential. Create a healthy foundation that will make you feel good, increase your creativity, and drive your ability to get to better times. That means getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating well.

  1. Think Massive!

Don’t just ‘think big’. Today’s businesses and ventures that are going to gain visibility and traction, and have an impact are the really big ones. Think the scale of Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb. How massive could you possibly go? Think a little bigger than that.

  1. Start Connecting

Refuse to just cut yourself off. That isn’t serving you, or anyone else. In fact, the big game changer is likely to come when you start focusing on serving others. So, connect. Pick up the phone, send an email, start a new social media page, and get out to lunches and events. Ask what others’ needs are, and share your ideas.

  1. Build a Team

If you are going to bounce forward, and faster, and stronger, you need a team. That may be a team of assistants, business partners, accountability partners, or coaches. Start building that team, and you’ll find you are propelled forward and upward.

  1. Learn

Different results require different actions. That can often mean needing new skills, knowledge, and strategy too. What can you benefit from learning?

  1. Cover the Basics

When interviewed by Entrepreneur, on how ultra-successful leaders would start over if they lost it all Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran says she would make sure her rent was covered, and then launch a new business and start selling. So, find a way to start generating cash for the basics fast. That may be sales for a real estate investment firm, or wholesaling houses yourself.

  1. Look for Ways to Scale

Once you’ve found a better way to make money, look for ways to scale it.

About the Author

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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