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Cryptocurrencies are trending. Here are the top stories and resources you need to operate intelligently in the new digital era…

Bitcoins, ICOs, and digital wallets are gaining too much attention to be ignored. Some think it is far too late to invest in them. Others have posed that it may even be too early. Some platforms have raised millions in hours with their own coin launches, while others think this is a fad too risky to engage in. Whatever your opinion, you’ve got to know your crypto to be educated when speaking with others. Here are ten top news stories and resources to bring you up to speed on the latest.

  1. Start Accepting Bitcoin Immediately

Payment processor Stripe can enable your business to begin accepting Bitcoin through your website with just a couple lines of code. PayPal can also be used to buy Bitcoin. Major companies already accepting Bitcoin include Re/Max London, Shopify, KFC Canada, Expedia, Subway, Microsoft, and Virgin Galactic.

  1. Fun, Crazy & RIdiculous Cryptocurrencies reports that the cryptocurrency market has exploded from just $2.5B in 2017 to almost $500B at the beginning of 2018. Now that anyone can launch an ICO and virtual currency of their own, many are. Some of these include the KodakCoin, DodgeCoin, and TrumpCoin. Check them out on Inc. here.

  1. Bitcoin is Already Heading Down

Forbes says Bitcoin is already heading down, and may continue in that direction for a while. There are a variety of reasons for this, including technical issues, which even resulted in a Bitcoin conference having to stop accepting Bitcoin. Then there are the risks of regulators finally stepping up to regulate (which they will eventually), or creating an official ‘FedCoin’.

  1. Tips for Using Crypto to Buy a House

CNBC reports that many of those who have made money in Bitcoin’s massive surge over the last year are looking at cashing out and using it to buy tangible real estate for security. Of course, there could also be advantages of privacy, but risks of money laundering schemes as well. Check out these tips before you plan on flipping coins or using digital coins to buy and flip houses.

  1. Home Sellers List Properties for Bitcoins

Some high-end homeowners in Malibu and Miami are listing their homes for sale for Bitcoins. Some will only accept Bitcoin. It could create a windfall in extra cash in hours. Or the opposite. Though perhaps most importantly – it is helping them create a buzz and attract elite buyers.

  1. You Don’t Have to Buy a Whole Coin

One of the big drawbacks of buying Bitcoins, like major stocks, is that a whole share or coin can be very expensive. Many people don’t have $1,300 for an Amazon share, never mind $14,000 for a Bitcoin or $300,000 for class A shares of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Fortunately, you can now buy parts of, or share in cryptocurrencies. You might only get 0.00034 of a coin, but you’d be in the game.

  1. Track Bitcoin Trading Prices offers tracking of current and historic Bitcoin prices, plus other daily cryptocurrency news.

  1. Why Not to Invest in Bitcoin

The Guardian suggests it is foolish to ‘invest’ in Bitcoin. In fact, it likens it to simply speculation or gambling, or worse. Check out their argument here, and make up your own mind.

  1. The Coinbase Crash

Coinbase recently launched Bitcoin Cash. It raised over $15M in 2 minutes. Then hit tech and liquidity glitches as more than 40,000 orders came in.

  1. Launch Your Own Digital Currency

If you’ve got 19 Bitcoins to throw around this company will help you launch your own ICO, and get your currency off the ground. Though there may be far cheaper ways to raise capital today.

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